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free art sketches

  1. 2DFIEND

    FREE ART!!! [on hold]

    chibis are so great to make... here's an example of one i just made comment below with a ref of your character!!! i can do ferals AND anthros, anything tbh but nsfw furaffinity: Userpage of ceIine -- Fur Affinity [dot] net deviantart: ceIine on DeviantArt
  2. T

    Your refs, My art :)

    Hi! :3 I'm eager to fill my gallery and I need some subject matter. On those days when I don't have a particular idea in mind, I thought it might be handy to have a running list of refs of those interested in my art. Ready to take a gamble? Sign up on my journal! www.furaffinity.net: Request...
  3. Bigbrownorc

    Doing FREE requests!

    Heya! So it's summer time and that means lots of spare time. Time for drawing some NSFW art! So do you have a male character you want to have drawn nude or porn of? Just send me a message on either here or anywhere else where you can find me and i'll see what i can do! Do send a reference with...
  4. Grimm Hund

    Looking for Artist; Need Art Base to Use

    I'm currently working on getting one of my commissioners to show some progress on my pieces. I have little to no money for anything else but I have so much more that I want done. I have experience in digital art and utilizing Photoshop. What I need is a lineart or a colored base for a ref...
  5. Aiian

    Free to use characters

    I'm a gay p0rn artist and I only have one character so I usually just draw them. I've tried to make more characters but I just don't like them. So I'd like to be able to use someone else's character(s) for my drawings/sketches. So if anyone is ok with this then please send me a reference of your...
  6. TOMEart


    Hi guys! I'm doing a great offert to celebrate the opening of my FA account. For the first three who presents themselves I'll do a sketch with flat colors of a character of your choice. Please, present youself in a nice manner, tell me something about yourself. For example, comment of a single...
  7. CrownOfRed

    <---- That thing

    Hello! I need to practice, so I'll be making some free art! It might be a headshot, or a fullbody if I really like it, or a chibi, or a... Anyway, there are only a few restrictions! No NSFW, okay there was only one. Offer away! I don't care how many people post here.
  8. ruruscube

    Taking OC Requests (nsfw optional)

    Hey I'm new to furry/animal art in general but I'm tryin to practice and get better at it! If you have a female furr OC and want me to do sketches of her for practice please leave a link to the reference and your furaffinity account below ♥ You can state if you'd like it to be nsfw or not too...