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free art

  1. Vinfang

    Free Art: 500 watcher raffle + Halloween Giveaway

    500 watcher raffle ~1 slot > https://www.furaffinity.net/view/44317315/ Halloween giveaway ~1-3 slot > https://www.furaffinity.net/view/44317453/
  2. AlmaRoy

    Free! YCH feral

    Here's my first YCH Raffle! If you have a character of not very popular species (mustelid, mongoose etc) you can give a try of getting a flatcolor drawing of your character at this sketch Attention! Character must be feral (but I can turn your anthro feral) What do you need? 1) Subscribe my FA...
  3. miss_samychan

    Free Art: free feral sketches to improve myself

    hey there! I do have currently an art shop open and I want to improve myself, so I thought I'll offer some free art. I'm just asking for a little time and an honest feedback in return. It would really help! I currently can only do feral/ animals and my first step would be to improve myself...
  4. narutogod123

    Free Art: Free Sketches In order of post 5/5 (Closed)

    I'm bored and want to draw some art. First ones to post will get a sketch. Examples : 1. Bluefiremark II (done) 2. Lexiand (done) 3. SilverTheSpireWolf (done) 4. Rubempia (done) 5. EmeraldWuff (done)
  5. Yakamaru

    [Milestone event] 10,000 FA page visit art event!

    https://www.furaffinity.net/user/yakamaru/ Seeing as the previous thread got deleted due to the forum being restored from a backup from before the thread were even made and I have hit over 10,000 page visits, lets start the event! The rules are pretty simple: If you are interested in...
  6. AstroRey

    Free Art: ADHD art! SFW and NSFW

    Hello! My name is Astro and Im here with good news :) I'm offering free art of your favorite characters! I can draw: - Feral. - Humans. - Anthro. - Plants/ inanimate objects. - Im not as good with mecha, but Im ready to try! Here is the catch. I have ADHD so I cannot draw in the same style for...
  7. Mellydrop

    FREE PORTRAIT RAFFLE - I will randomly draw a thread-participant and paint their OC

    Hi everyone! I'm feeling excited to draw someone's character :) Commissioning someone can sometimes feel daunting, so I wanted to give out a freebie. I will be sketching the winner's OC of this Raffle in this style: --------------------------------------------- To participate: 1. Add a Watch...
  8. Mellydrop

    Free Art: FREE PORTRAIT RAFFLE - I will randomly draw a thread-participant and paint their OC

    Hi everyone! I'm feeling excited to draw someone's character :) Commissioning someone can sometimes feel daunting, so I wanted to give out a freebie. I will be sketching the winner's OC of this Raffle in this style: --------------------------------------------- To participate: 1. Add a Watch...
  9. Raever

    FA 300+ Watcher Giveaway!

    Before anything allow me to preface this by saying that I have not forgotten SYS. It was on hold for a bit while a few things were set up but now the artists are in full swing so look forward to that mystery winners. As a consolation I am also holding a giveaway on FA's site as a celebration...
  10. K

    *[Free Commission]* For anyone willing to verify my discord with their phone

    My portfolio (At least going by other peoples word my paintings are pretty good, you won't be greeted with anything Deviantart-esque if you click the links) 18+ ( https://www.furaffinity.net/user/kittehlazer/ ) 18+ ( https://www.furaffinity.net/scraps/kittehlazer/ ) As mentioned in the title...
  11. TheSushiOwl

    Free Art: Acrylic Head Shots

    I'm offering head shots done with acrylic paint pens to unwind from a long week at work. They look like this. Please post a reference or detailed description of your OC/sona if you're interested.
  12. DDIsSleepy

    LF Long term RP partner-offering free art as well

    Ok so. In short. I would like. one a long term RP partner. I am semi-literate 3-10 sentanceses kinda RPer. Plot but with smut so 18+ only please. Usually prefer to play males and usually prefer malexmale ships. Used to roleplaying humans but anthro is fine. Can do, discord or Google docs either...
  13. D

    Free Art: Looking For Characters To Experiment With [CLOSED]

    *** Thank you everyone for your interest, I'm thrilled with so these responses! I'm going to close this now, and see which characters catch my eye in the morning! Thank you again! *** Hello! I am primarily an equine artist but I'm looking to improve my skills with furry characters. I'm looking...
  14. TheSushiOwl

    Free Art: Full Body Practice [Closed]

    Hey guys, I've been stuck in a rut of just drawing headshots for months, so I've decided to force myself to practice some bodies. So throw your references at me, and let's do this thing. Stipulations: Art will be traditional, with alcohol marker or colored pencil. I prefer simple to cluttered...
  15. TheSushiOwl

    Free Art: Traditional Headshots [Closed]

    Hello, friends! It's been many a moon since I've posted here, but I always seem to come back. My illness that is causing my hands to tremble is acting up, and the best thing for it is drawing (and squeezing a stress ball with my non-dominant hand). So I am here to offer you some simple--fine...
  16. illieous

    Free Art: Furry Practice (Open)

    I'm doing a year in art this year so I need a few participants. I've decided to do some furry practice because I suck at it (lol). So if you'd like your character drawn please post one and I'll do my best. Please note they will be sketch quality mostly and I'll do about three at a time. Thanks...
  17. IMZEAH

    Free Art: [Closed] Looking To Draw Some Fluffy Friends

    Hello! I'm looking for some fluffy friends to draw as practice! Feel free to drop your characters below and any prompts that you might be interested in and I'll see what I can do! I can't guarantee anything detailed, though. I'm most interested in drawing feminine characters at the moment, but...
  18. TheRabbitFollower

    Free Art: Drawing Requests: OPEN - Read rules! [ENDS MAY 28TH]

    Doing some drawing to practice facial expressions!! ✧ Watch me: https://www.furaffinity.net/user/ambriel ✧Comment w/ a character you want me to draw and a ref for them; They can be human, furry, feral, w/e you want, but be sure to include an expression and a palette from below ✧Event ends...
  19. foolsgoldie

    Free Art: requests for art practice :]

    hiya! i just got back into art after a good two years of only occasionally sketching, and i want to start practicing drawing furries; only problem being i don’t have any ocs yet! so— please link the character and important details if you want! i won’t do anything nsfw or suggestive (i’m a...
  20. DeadAccount

    Free Art: Free Art :)

    Hello there! I'm bored so I'm opening up free art requests lol, my art isn't that good, but I don't exactly have a proper art program soo- I'm only open to doing icons/headshots right now, sorry ^^; Here are a few examples Note: I do not do NSFW or Gory art!! <3