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free art

  1. ShiEksdee

    Free Art: Free Requests~

    (SLOTS FULL!) I'm new and taking free requests over here. Please read and you can give me a requests there or here to fill a slot. u wu Tankchuu.
  2. AzureKiteUsagi

    Free Art: Feral Doodles (CLOSED)

    Three slots open, first come first serve! I wanna practice ferals, so link me your references. They'll just be simple sketch doodles, but practice makes perfect!
  3. kart0ffel1

    Free Art: Give me folks to draw! (Closed)

    Hey there! I just want to loosen up and draw a bit. I’ve been drawing/painting for years but have always wanted to break into drawing more anthro characters but...I don’t know who to draw but want to get some practice in lmaooo So throw me some folks and let’s see what happens! These will more...
  4. Ringebell

    Free Art: Pokemon requests

    I wanna draw Pokemon. So give me your OCs or just a Pokemon you want to see drawn.
  5. KD142000

    Free Art: Map-Making Practice- Challenge Me!

    Hey, all! I'm wanting to practice my map-making skills so that I could, one day, open up commissions for them. I can already do maps for city/urban environments, but if you want to suggest those, I'm more than happy to take you up on that. It's all for practice, anyway! Suggest whatever you...
  6. AzureKiteUsagi

    Free Art: Just Some Doodles (CLOSED)

    Three open slots, first come first serve. Nothing too complicated, please. :) I'll post them here, but don't be afraid to check out my FA: AzureKiteUsagi I'll try to finish the doodles asap.
  7. Silvercatclaws

    Free Art: Practicing on paper

    I'd like to see your OC's to practice in my style! I'm just working with a pencil and paper, but I'll post any sketches I do. I'll mostly do busts, but I love new characters to try! (It won't be on looseleaf, this is just the only example I have)
  8. AuroraTheDutchie

    Free Art: Free art! [Closed]

    Hi! i recently started a YouTube channel to put my speed paints from commissions and would like more content :) As long as you are okay with me posting on my YouTube it is free! I mostly draw anthro though i am trying to expand my skills so i am open to other ideas :D I would like a reference...
  9. Rain LaStrange

    Need more practice drawing!

    I am willing to draw your character for free! I'm not that good at drawing unfortunately so that won't be that good, but I want to start practicing more vigorously! So I was wondering if you could help me out by linking your characters reference sheets! I will share the art with you obviously...
  10. Cotton_Candy

    Free Art: Looking for requests

    I'm new in both fur affinity and its forums (I'm actually fairly new to forums and the such) and I'd love to get some request to both practice and fill my gallery. :p Thanks to any and everyone that's interested. ^w^.
  11. M

    Building commission portfolio- requests pls!

    Hey, everyone! I’m an animation and illustration student with an interest in furs, but I haven’t actually drawn any in several years. I want to start offering commissions on this site at prices fitting my current level of skill and training, so I need to have legit pieces to use for...
  12. SageNyas

    Free Art: Follow For Colored Sketches!

    Heya! I'm Sage! I don't have very many followers, and I really would love to have some new friends in the community as well! I love drawing ocs, mine or others, and I also love drawing fanart occasionally! If you're interested in furry junk, ghosts and witches, robots, and vocaloids I think...
  13. Doodle Bunny

    Free Art: Lemme Spookify Your Fursona [CLOSED]

    I’d like to offer horror themed commissions, but I think I need more in my portfolio. Plus it’s fun for a warmup. Leave your ref below. First three posters become ghosts. 1. The Universe 2. Lucifer the Dragoness 3. Infared Nexus
  14. teacozy1

    Free Art: Free head/ bust shots~!

    Back again to offer up some head or bust shots to people. I'll only be doing a few of them. So sorry if you don't get picked. Some of my examples are sketches so sorry about that. But you will get a fully lined and coloured head/ bust shot if you are picked. Examples:
  15. Thehoneybutter

    Yiff n Stuff

    CLOSED I wanna practice the art of intimicy (Drawing it of course) And deferent species So yeah this is a free art thred. So post your character down. Although I wish to doodle yiff and that takes 2 bodies and so what I am asking of you is to find a partner in the coment section whom...
  16. Lucha

    Free Art: taking light NSFW requests (upd 12.4.2021)

    Hi. I need practice on my NSFW. I range from sexy costumes to nakeys or kinks. Please don't ask me to draw anything extreme, and I'm more used to drawing humans, so the anatomy closest to human's is appreciated, but if you have idk a batshit dragon sona with three heads that's totally fine. I'd...
  17. Keo the Catbee

    Free Art: (SFW!!!!) Let me draw your thicc/chunky sona's!

    OWO Hi there I am Keo The Catbee! I am looking to further my art skills in body types :) So give me your thicc bois and gurls and i'll draw em' to the best of my ability! This will be in traditional art, so if you want it mailed to you, I can do it for free, however I will have to fold the...
  18. NovaSwiftBrony

    Request: Would anyone like to draw my Boyo in color?

    I am looking for someone to draw my Lucario in color with literally any pose than the one shown. Looking for someone to do it free of charge. I would pay but I have no way of doing so atm.
  19. Ringebell

    Art Trade: Fullbody Raffle over on FA (closed)

    The title gives it all away. www.furaffinity.net: Fullbody Raffle (open) by Ringebell The raffle is strictly SFW.
  20. Mr. Shigglesworth

    Free Art: Rule 34 Requests?

    I need to do some warmups, and feel like drawin some Rule 34 since I don't really do it much on my own. That means I'll draw porn of your favorite character from your favorite TV show, video game, comic, anime, or whatever the hell. Maybe. So, I'll just offer a couple small doodles/sketches...