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free art

  1. ThefriendlyFurry

    Request: Make Me a Dad

    Okay so for those who don't know my fursona is a Kodiak bear and I eventually wanna be a dad so I figured I'd give you guys my fursona and was wondering if a artist on here could turn my fursona into a young, hip, sexy dad. If the image doesn't Show here is a link to it a version will also be...
  2. furwaiiey

    Looking for Sonas to Sketch!

    Hi there! I'm getting more into the fur fandom and would like to try my hand at sketching some other people's sonas but I don't think I'm good enough to charge people yet ^^;; so if you want a FREE sketch of your sona, drop a comment with a link to or a picture of their ref sheet! I'll be doing...
  3. getsukae

    Free Art: taking a few requests !![CLOSED]

    hello !! ヽ(・∀・) i’m getsu ! i only just recently started drawing anthros and wanted to try drawing some that aren’t my own ! here’s some of my own ocs for reference(or just go to my FA heheh) my FA is https://www.furaffinity.net/user/getsukae/ ! please note that i’ll be posting the finished...
  4. dzorek

    Free Art: Art Raffle (to help my portfolio)

    Hey guys! I'm kinda new to the furry fandom and I'm trying to gather examples of work for future commissions so I'm offering a raffle here on furaffinity. The actual raffle will take place on FA and the entries that get entered are only those who post on the journal itself. Rules are simple...
  5. ExtinguishedHope

    Free Art: FREE Art Raffle

    Hey, ya'll wanna be in a comic page for FREE? If yes, keep reading! So, as opposed to filling out empty space with randomized furries, I thought it'd be better to put in characters of people in the community! You don't have to read the comic or anything, I just thought it'd be fun to put actual...
  6. Renneon

    Free Art: Halloween YCH Raffle, 2 winners !

    Hello ! I'm hosting a little raffle on Furaffinity and i thought some of you might be interested, so i'm posting it on here as well ! There are 3 days left to join :D Here is the journal with the rules to enter ! Good luck, and happy halloween ;)
  7. sylphani

    Free Art!!!

    trying to create some examples of my nsfw art so im doing some free art! drop your character(s) down below along with any specific scene(s) or kink(s) you might like me to illustrate no extreme or illegal fetishes
  8. Ringebell

    Free Art: Practice and Experiments (Closed)

    I wanna experiment with different mediums and styles and don't want to draw my characters over and over again. Rules: I will accept humanoids, anthros and ferals. It's up to me and my motivation whether you get a shaded fullbody, a headshot sketch or something in between. Write 'gem' into your...
  9. teacozy1

    Free Art: Silly doodles (closed)

    Gonna do this style right here since I wanna do something silly and not very detailed today. Picking whatever characters I fancy. So its not really first come first served.
  10. FreedomOfaPhoenix

    Bored. Anyone up for an art exchange (free art if inspiring enough)?

    Hey, everyone out there. I'm currently bored, and looking to do some quick art exchanges for the fun of it. Might even consider to give out free art if your idea seems like something I can't pass up.
  11. Mustelidae80

    Free Art: Looking to build my portfolio

    Hello everyone, I need to practice more furry art (SFW only) and have some pieces to show for my commission page. So post your sona refs, and I'll make you some free art. I'd just like to be able to show it (with your name if you'd like) on my commission page. If you like the art, tips are...
  12. Ringebell

    Free Art: Inktober Freebies (Open)

    I would like to draw some characters for Inktober cause it's fun. Just give me a ref, the branch the character fits in and their species. The only requirement is, that the character has to have a specific species otherwise it's first come first serves. It's up to me whether I draw a Head-Shot, a...
  13. CanadianKitten

    Free Art: Raffles being held on FA!

    I hope this belongs here, if it doesn't, please let me know! I am hosting a couple raffles on FA. The first raffle is already underway and the first winner (of 5) has been pulled already. The next winner is pulled on Saturday, October 5th, and then every 5 days after that. It's a free raffle...
  14. SxTxrn

    Free Art: Free Character Art (Help Me Build Up A Portfolio!)

    Hello There, Fellow Users of the Interwebs!~ The name is Sxtxrn (or Alien Cat) and I am very eager to start drawing some requests. Unfortunately however, I don't really have a very big portfolio developed, so I can't really provide any sample photos as of late. (Though) I am willing to draw...
  15. Wolfy_V


    Hey all, I'm hosting a free headshot raffle over on twitter! ^^^^^ You could get art like this for FREE uwu ^^^^^ Simply Click This Link to View the Raffle and Enter: Raffle ends Oct. 10th!
  16. economics bat

    Free Art: Hey, want a free slot in a double icon?

    Hey! You can see this content in my journal, here, also: www.furaffinity.net: Hey, want a free slot in a double icon? -- economicsbat's Journal . I'm getting a double icon with Vermine pretty soon. Prompt: - my character (a cute male-presenting vampire bat) is (consensually) hypnotizing your...
  17. driftingdragon

    Heres your chance for free art! (NSFW)

    DriftingDragon - Picarto Come get a piece like this Or this Or even this Considering terms and conditions you can get a piece like this for yourself right now! Over here https://picarto.tv/DriftingDragon It's a daily stream, so if we're offline you can join the discord community to...
  18. peachyprayer

    Free Art: Doing few requests!

    Hiya! I'm trying to make examples for my commission thread and get practise. I'll take few requests if you have characters I like. You can throw me characters even if you're not sure if it fits the criteria. Currently I'm in mood for Pastel colours Kidcore Clowns Cutesy stuff Feral or anthro...
  19. ditta_ragdoll

    Free Art: ~Tentacles~

    Hi, hi! I'm playing about with doing more free range smut and I need more willing victims! Most of my friend circle has subjected themselves to it, and I need fresh holes! IF you want to subject your Sona to something lewd, come hit me up! I'm building up material to make my own artist tag on...
  20. Hellegg

    Free Art: Need Sketch Examples!

    Heyo! I'm in need of some characters to make sketch commission examples with! More complex or interesting characters will probably be more likely to be picked! for headshots I'm gonna pick three - @KD142000 - @Godzilla - And for fullbody im gonna pick two - @Leadhoof - @A Minty cheetah Im...