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free art

  1. Melonnie

    Free Art: Art requests ((PLEASE READ FIRST))

    Hello I am Mochi, Currently I am looking to expand my art horizons by drawing more furries and such. Please keep in mind I may not get around to all and I lean towards more cuter designs but pitch anything to me I want to see what I can create,Please understand that your character(s) will be...
  2. teacozy1

    Free Art: Free icons. Still and animated ones. (Closed)

    Hey there guys~! Back onto the forms cuz I'm bored plus I fancy doing some icons. So I'll offer up some of the examples bellow for you guys. Just be picking some at random so sorry if you don't get picked. Please remember when asking for one say what kind you want. Each one will be numbered so...
  3. CelestialblueShark

    Request: 3 Slot Requests

    I will be opening some free requests but these will have some rules. ( I don't know If I am allowed too) -You have to be watching/following me at furafinity -you can only pick one character -No nsfw -send me a note or message or conversation with what you want 1-slot- 2-slot- 3-slot
  4. JerCorgi

    Guess the number and win a Free Art!

    -GAME CLOSED WE HAVE A WINNER- Check out my FA to join the free art raffle >w< I have three numbers on this piece of paper ^w^ First person to guess right wins a free art from me! You can check my FA for art samples Userpage of JerCorgi -- Fur Affinity [dot] net Only 1 guess in every reply! To...
  5. Drawmander

    Free Art: I have found my keys and my requests are now CLOSED to the public. (Now posting art)

    (I know 5 openings is small, but I may add more as I finish them) Okay, so here we go. I am now open for requests! I’ll start with what I won’t do: NSFW (I’m around other people when I draw sometimes) Fetish art Your character without any reference image (I won’t be making an oc for you) What...
  6. Vina the Bat

    Free Art: Doing animations

    I need practice so hit me with characters and ideas! I'm just trying to nail down some basics, so it could be anywhere from a quick draft like my first example or something way more polished depending on how much it inspires me. Please no complicated characters. Here's an example of what some...
  7. Tendo64

    Free Art: Simple Cheebs (flat-color, maybe shaded)

    Hi everyone, I'm back for another round of free art! But only temporarily, as I do plan to open commissions soon. I've got three different types of chibis but I only have examples of two, so I decided to open some requests for the other type: what I like to call my shortbread chibis. They're...
  8. DaVinity

    Taking all Requests

    I'm looking to add more content to my gallery, and practice different characters! So please post references of your character below and I will get started on these when I'm able to and post them!
  9. BingyBongo

    Free Art: OC Requests!!!!! Feral Specific (8/10)

    OK *deep breath* LET'S DO THIS. Hey everyone! I'm very new on FA, but I've been around the internet for some time (mainly DA) so I think I have a good idea about how these things work. This is my first official forum post, so a little bit about me since I'm so new on FA...I am a professional...
  10. A

    Free Art: Back to FA, Free Art Opportunity [OPEN UNTIL 8/16]

    Hey guys! I just recently decided to come back to FA and revamp my old account, as my art has come a long way. I need more recent examples, and I find drawing other people's characters a lot more interesting than drawing my own, so I decided to host a contest. There's no entry fee, you just...
  11. Vina the Bat

    Free Art: Taking scene requests (OPEN)

    Hia! So I'm needing more practice with full scene artwork using Fire Alpaca so I'll be taking one request. Here's an example so you have an idea of my style. It's NSFW so I cropped it, heh. You can find the full here. www.furaffinity.net: Awkward by SlimyBoy625 All you need to do is reply with...
  12. Melnew

    Free Art: I'll turn your oc into a minecraft skin (Still open)

    I haven't played Minecraft in years but I've been getting back into it lately and i felt like drawing some skins anyone want one?
  13. Deathless

    Free Art: Bring on some Demons

    I wanna sketch some demon characters. I'd prefer male/androgynous characters but I'll do female characters as well! I don't plan on drawing everyone but plans do change. Just gimme your best demon characters and I'll have fun with them! I'll do both human and animal based demons! Here's some...
  14. breakfastzone

    Free Art: ART RAFFLE!

    Hey! I'm holding an art raffle over on my Twitter. All you have to do to enter is comment here (anything random works), follow my twitter and retweet the tweet! There will be multiple winners. First place receives a doodle page of up to 4 drawings, second place receives a bust shot, and if I...
  15. M


    Hello im looking for some one to do another oc his name is echo his a wolf/husky hybird again this oc has no art work or ref and his main fur color is purple and red and the secondary color is black and blue
  16. Natalie D.

    Free Art: Free icon, first come first serve!

    In a bit of an art block, I'm taking a request for one free icon, any species! Comment below to claim! pteri
  17. V

    Free Art: Fight, wrestle and ryona art(maybe NSFW?)

    Howdy! Been getting the itch to draw again and love doing OC fights and ryona. I'm not the best, though. With that in mind, feel free to make requests below. I do any sort of matchup except masculine male on masculine male(Masculine on feminine male is ok). Just link me ref pics of the OCs...
  18. teacozy1

    Free Art: Pixel Practice~! (closed)

    Hey there guys~! I'm back at it with more pixel art. I want to try and push myself to do stuff like the example bellow. Stuff with a simple background and shading. For this I'll only pick a few people. Also please give me info about what sort of background you want. Remember its going to be...
  19. PigMint

    Free Art: Free Twitter Raffle! Feel free to join ^w^

    *~~Hey there!~~* I’m holding a free twitter art raffle at the moment up until Aug 1st! :D Examples of my work: (Link to my FA for more examples ^^) You could be in with a chance to win a fullbody of your OC :3 and if we hit 100 RTs, a second winner will be chosen! <3 Please follow the...
  20. Ringebell

    Free Art: Halfbody raffle (closed)

    A little raffle because I'm bored. It will go for only about one hour and to participate you just have to give me your number, a ref and emotion for the Halfbody in the comments. The character has to be anthro or feral and without wings. Note, that even though I will draw it today, the drawing...