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free character sketches

  1. Meredith C Brewington

    Giving away free commissions

    Hey! i'm new to this site so to gain some cloat i'm doing free commissons for a short time, If you're interested my website to see my work is meredith1788.wixsite.com/learntolive but my instagram.com/_learn__to__live_ has most of it. Chow!
  2. Bigbrownorc

    Doing FREE nsfw artwork!

    Little update. The requests i have accepted will be done in the following months. I shall start doing paid requests in about a week. So i will not be accepting anymore free requests as of today. Follow my Fur Affinity page for updates and the full price list soon. mail: orc20war@outlook.com...
  3. CosmicNymph

    ♥ Free Character Sketches ♥ CLOSED

    I'm looking to draw some more so that I can begin filling my FA account up with artwork, but I'm having a bit of art block right now... So I thought it would be fun to draw some of your characters! I'm open to anything, just please provide a reference in your comment! (( Also please no NSFW...