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free commission

  1. JerCorgi

    Guess the number and win a Free Art!

    -GAME CLOSED WE HAVE A WINNER- Check out my FA to join the free art raffle >w< I have three numbers on this piece of paper ^w^ First person to guess right wins a free art from me! You can check my FA for art samples Userpage of JerCorgi -- Fur Affinity [dot] net Only 1 guess in every reply! To...
  2. Zenkiki

    I'll write a short story.

    I'll write a short story for anyone, as I would like to have a topic to work towards. I have a problem with writing my own story at the moment so I would like to see what others can give me and in turn hope to maybe get commissions after a few story's to get my reputation up. I prefer female...
  3. Bigbrownorc

    Doing FREE nsfw artwork!

    Little update. The requests i have accepted will be done in the following months. I shall start doing paid requests in about a week. So i will not be accepting anymore free requests as of today. Follow my Fur Affinity page for updates and the full price list soon. mail: orc20war@outlook.com...
  4. Bigbrownorc

    FREE comissions (yeah thats right)

    So i'm giving away free art. Only males though! So i have a lot of free time to kill...Yeah. My only rule for now is that i only accept things that i actually like. So if you particular character doesn't suit my tastes, than bad luck i guess (if i really don't like it i just won't answer. If i...
  5. CrownOfRed

    <---- That thing

    Hello! I need to practice, so I'll be making some free art! It might be a headshot, or a fullbody if I really like it, or a chibi, or a... Anyway, there are only a few restrictions! No NSFW, okay there was only one. Offer away! I don't care how many people post here.
  6. the bii

    I'm new to furry art entirely.

    Hello! As an artist that's decent at painting portraits of people, I'd say I have some credentials for making digital art. However, I'd like to learn how to get into furry art. So I'll be taking some FREE commission requests. You'll be helping me out by creating specific requests and detailing...
  7. furryfilth

    I'll do you a free doodle

    Dogs/cats/simple animals only please, I'm trying to get some more experience drawing different characters but I would like to be able to do them as a favor to you. I will most likely not color all of them, but I might. I only plan on doing a few so first come first serve! You can find some of my...
  8. Angellothefox

    Remember I still have 2 slots open for FREE art commissions

    SORRY NO MORE COMMISSIONS :( (COMMISSION CLOSED) I am doing some free commissions Remember I still have 1 slots open for FREE art commission. All you have to do if your interested is comment and I will hopefully do you a free commission because it looks like I am not doing anything The...