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free slot

  1. kevintheradioguy

    Free Art: Lady character pin-up slot

    So-o-o, who of you, counts and countesses has a busty lady character and wants her to be drawn in a pinup? If so, visit this little journal thing and leave a comment there following the rules. Which are simple: Give a shoutout via journals, twitter, tumblr, etc. - whatever platform you use the...
  2. Mipha

    Want something written for free?

    Hello everyone! I've been writing on and off for about over ten years now. But! I don't have much experience with furry related content and I would like to change that. =D I'm currently offering about three slots for 500-1000 word stories. I'm unsure how long it'd take me due to being new +...
  3. Dritazura

    NO MORE OPEN SLOTS Shaded sketches

    Hello guys I am opening up 5 slots to draw anyones character in this style. Only one color of your choice and I will shade it too. * - EdgarKingMaker (DONE) www.furaffinity.net: Shaded Sketch Special: EdgarKingMaker by Dritazura * - CharrBurn (DONE) www.furaffinity.net: Commission: Short13...