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  1. Sphinxx92

    Free Art (SFW) OPEN

    I really want to draw but lack any motivation to do anything for myself. So yeah, I'd like some excuse to draw for y'all. Posted example is what I'd do essentially. I'm dirt at drawing but I need the practice. Just post your reference either picture or text. I'll try to do at least one, I'm kind...
  2. Vigil29

    Request: Looking to start some Simian Fursonas (please read) [OPEN]

    Hi there! I'm looking to establish some future fursonas by getting basic drawings done. I'm looking for anyone who'd be willing to do sketches, either Full-body or head/face for free. Preferred experiences: Simians (Monkeys, Chimpanzees, Gorillas) Feral or anthro Please feel free to contact...
  3. Belladonna_Mandrake

    Free original species adopts 6/10 OPEN

    I've been working on this species for some time & felt like making some nice adopts as a way to show them off I used two bases one more fem & antho & one more masc & humanoid I will put more info below this post ^^ Pink devil- TrixieFox Ocean- desert rose- Sol- Cold Trees- Dragon64 Swamp- Let...
  4. spoopers

    Free Art: Quick Icons

    Just doing simple headshot icons, flat color, as shown below. Just doing some that peak my interest. If you would like guaranteed priority, I'm open to commissions~
  5. CrowOnFire

    Free Art: Free Adoptable Raffle

    Hi there! I'm hosting a raffle for your choice of one of sixteen adoptables I've created. The possibilities include dragons, jaguars, rabbits, and goats with a range of color schemes and body types. You can find details and enter here. Good luck!
  6. IvorySkull

    Free Art: Requests are open (SFW & NSFW)! (closed)

    Hi everybody! I'm kinda new around here, I've been lurking for quite some time and finally made an account. So.... my gallery is kinda empty, I don't know anyone and I want to get started in the community :)! And that's why I'm making this post. I'd like to start filling up my gallery and I'd...
  7. joyfulsloth

    (Other) Selling: OPEN FREE slots for writing! 2 remaining!

    Hi! I'd like to open a couple free slots for stories so that I can practice writing and also finally give some art back to this community! I can link my carrd in the spoiler, which leads to my AO3 and my website that have a few examples of my work. I'm willing to write SFW or NSFW, but I won't...
  8. B

    Free Art: (ON HOLD) Taking Human and Feral Art Requests!

    Request Here: https://www.furaffinity.net/journal/10284931
  9. TyraWadman

    Software Recommendation: OneNote

    Comes free on Windows 10. I used to use Scrivener but once I saw how easy it was to keep information on the same page (as opposed to clicking on multiple tabs and whatnot), I made the switch. It probably wasn't intended for this purpose, but I love it. It also loads faster. So yea... in case...
  10. Sodasats20

    Drawing your sonas as balls

    If anyone wants me to turn their sona into a screaming ball, comment below a ref sheet I WILL comment when a users piece of art is done Hope to hear from you soon! THIS IS FREE
  11. RainbowFox666

    Free Commissions, Limited Slots

    Hello Everyone! I am new to the community and would love to gain some experience creating pieces for people and building up my portfolio by offering to work for free. I am a professional artist by trade and have wanted to work in this community for a while! Please feel free to comment with...
  12. Cerrvine

    Free Art: Realistic Styled Headshots (closed)

    Hi! To build updated commission examples I'll be doing some free headshot art. Just post some references and I will pick ones that interest me. I'll update this post with the ones I do and let you know. Not a raffle, but I will try to do different species or types of characters as examples. I...
  13. Belladonna_Mandrake

    Free Art: Free bunny adopts! 0/5 CLOSEd

    I made a new bunny base cos i'm working on my style a bit so heres some buns! Clown: RyuokoWolf Kidcore: SaucySnow Sun&Moon: MochiMochiKitty Sunset: tamara590 Lovecore: JupiterJay
  14. GabyHamster

    Sexy fan arts ♥

    Hi! I have created a new profile for fan art with sexy furry girls and I will by glad to see you in my profile ♥ The first few arts with Toriel are already available ↞—————— •♥• ——————↠ https://www.furaffinity.net/user/helga.stail/ ↞—————— •♥• ——————↠
  15. sigma__quack

    Free Art: looking for characters to draw!

    Hey! I want to get back into drawing so am looking for someone to draw! Post your characters or any characters from anything (just don't send someone else's ocs without permission)! It also helps if you tell their species/race/etc You can post the art anywhere just credit my FA My FA (i'm...
  16. FR0ST81T3

    Request: New Bunny Babe

    I'm looking for some new art of my bunny babe, Mok'ka! I have no preferences on her outfit or hairstyle!
  17. DireAltis

    [CLOSED] New Artist: taking requests! 3 slots

    Heya! I'm new to the community and offering 3 requests to learn! If anyones interested, Leave your refsheet and I'll pick randomly! Nice to meet everyone! and thank you for checking out my post! 1. @Sappho_Cortez 2. @Baron Tredegar 3. @Byzance123 Rauss Khan Thanks to all who posted!
  18. SaucySnow

    Free Eggs Adopts!

    Hey there, I was thinking of doing a free egg adopt! I'm going to make a character based on these designs. Please go to my furaffinity and comment to enter! https://www.furaffinity.net/view/45989742/ You can look at my gallery there for some examples :)
  19. JollyCooperation

    Hobby VA offering FREE voice work!

    After wanting to but lacking the courage to go through with it, I have finally decided to follow my dreams and get into voice acting! So, in order to hone my skills and find out where my strengths and weaknesses are, I need stuff to do. Fandubs, audiobooks, announcements, I'll take pretty much...
  20. GentleButter

    Free Art Raffle~ Gentlebutter

    https://www.furaffinity.net/view/45494344/ Thank you for your time! may the luckiest fur win~ (last winner)