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freeart art requests

  1. enby-hawke

    Free Art and AT.

    So I'm still pretty new to furaffinity and drawing furries in general and so I need examples. If you do art I would love an art trade though I don't have any furries myself yet except something called a drihka which is kind of like a mermaid that is more fishlike than human. (I'll post a image...
  2. DaVinity

    Free Art: Free Requests!!!

    Hiya All! I am doing free art for the whole month of November. I am doing an art challenge on my Instagram @Davinity.Art where each free request is a prompt of the day, if anyone is interested in that! I also need to do various free requests to fill up examples in my commission pricing, sooo...
  3. Sabstar

    Free Art: Offering a Free Icon!

    Hey!! I’m trying to get my FA page a little more active as I’ve come back after a long break away. It’d be nice to refresh my gallery and gain some interest, so I’m offering a free icon out for fun! I may do a couple of these if I have the free time. These will be 700x700 full colour plus a...
  4. F1uffy.Chips

    Make my cow come to life!

    So I have this cow sona in mind and I want her to come to life!Btw her name is Becky Heres a written description of her: Okay, so she is a cow with pink hair long hair. She has heart blush (pink) and instead of black she has pink.She has big Thighs and breast.Her eyes are baby blue and as well...
  5. BaoBun

    Taking SFW requests!

    Hi! I’m gonna step outside my shell a bit and have a go at taking some SFW requests! Im not wanting to overwhelm myself too much so there will only be 3 slots available. I’m most confident with headshots but if you don’t mind me being experimental I’ll happily try to draw full or half bodies...