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  1. Fumiitoshi

    Free Art: New and looking to practice!

    Hello! Trying to practice drawing different anthros I’m not very good, so don’t expect much ha ha Need some inspiration! Every time I start to draw something I’m like ugh include ideas with your ref if you want! Thanks! example
  2. Vinfang

    Free Art: Help me reach 200 watchers on FA? ⊙ω⊙ [closed]

    To get a X'mas present: 1, watch+ poprocker566@FA ( or any of my other social media accounts ) 2, link your ref 3, tell a friend 4, make a lil' wish (anything goes, from a teensy lollipop to a full set of exo-skeleton body armor which I'll deliver. ) Happy holidays to y'all adorable fluff...
  3. BunnyMouseFox

    Free Art: I have no ideas, send me your OCS

    as the title says! Completed Requests: 4
  4. driftingdragon

    300 slots free giveaway

    You heard it right, no bullshit or whatever, I literally need to fill all of these slots in some art asap! No strings attached, just follow and fill out then you can see your character in a huge portrait as soon as this weekend right here at twitch.tv/driftingdragon drop by for more information!
  5. Phase2

    Free Art: Looking for Furries to draw~

    BRING ME FURRIES I cannot guarantee they will be good. I am not skilled with animal bodies, or those fancy animal legs and snouts furries have. But I wanna get better. I wanna draw sleeping poses. How would your character sleep? messily? neatly? all curled up in a ball? sprawled out on...
  6. Malicoe

    Free Art: Practice!

    Hey, i'm lookin to buff up my portfolio and gallery, so i'm doing free art! this is the style it's probs gonna be: but i'm always looking to experiment and try new styles! some rules; 1. one character per person please ;; 2. it may take me a minute! i'm out and about a lot 3. i cant...
  7. julievee

    Free Art: Free Character Theme Music

    My partner KingSan and I have recently started a youtube channel for gaming and music. I edit the videos and KingSan creates music on ampedstudio and piano. We are currently looking to make more examples for our channel. **Please consider to subscribe and like on the youtube channel. ^^ Much...
  8. Phase2

    Request: Fluffy, toothy demon boi

    Would anyone be interested in doodling this little fella? Lurid on Toyhouse his teeth are large in his mouth. he likes to hang from tree branches from his tail. he also has a problem with staring at people with an expressionless face! he rarely stands on two legs. but if he does, he looks...
  9. CelestialblueShark

    Free Art: free 5 requests (closed)

    I know I still have two more to do! And I haven't forgotten you guys! But I'll explain why I am opening them again. I am going to my mother's house today...and I won't have internet :D! That's basically it! Since I wasn't this specific last time I am going to be now -Request info- -I will...
  10. F.lee_art

    Free Art: Requests anyone?

    I'll pick like 2-3 people to do some practice requests for, I'd like to have more examples of furry artwork specifically to show for commissions. :)
  11. Conseqq

    Request: Transitioning Bull

    Hey, all! So, I've been kind of keeping this whole thing on the down-low, mainly because I was still discovering myself, and learning to accept myself, aswell. Now, however, I've gotten comfortable enough to finally say, and appreciate saying, that I plan to go through with transitioning into...
  12. devilmagnet

    Free Art: Grab Bag (Open)

    Hello! I'm opening up for requests. If this interests you, you're more than welcome to drop on by! c: You do not have to favorite or watch any of my things to enter, but it is appreciated. My gallery is sfw art, generally speaking. You can drop or link your references (preferably images and not...
  13. Conseqq

    Request: Holiday-themed art of a male cow

    Hey, I'm Conseqq! You may have seen me once or twice around the forums, as I'm fairly active. I don't actually have many Holiday-themed pieces of my fursona, Coffee. I know, it's asking a lot, but I'd be incredibly thrilled if you surprised me with art of Coffee in whatever festive costumes you...
  14. Unvexed

    ► Looking for sonas to draw ◀ {Open}

    Hi all! I'm looking to practice drawing characters, so feel free to spam your ref sheets below ♥ I'll definitely be able to take three slots, but I may take more if it turns out I can produce them quickly ^^ You can take a look at the work I've done so far over here: Userpage of unvexed -- Fur...
  15. Conseqq

    Moo-sona; seeking art.

    Hey! I'm Conseqq, and I'm fairly new to Furaffinity, not even a day old when I post this thread, to be exact! A few months ago, I decided to take initative and create my very first Fursona, since then he has only amounted a single sketch piece*, which is pretty great in itself. With help, and...
  16. K1ND

    Free Sketches - Taking Requests

    *Tip Jar* ♥ Not required but if you're feeling generous i would rly appreciate it!! ♥ I just want to doodle a bit for fun/practice. May/May not be toned ; Headshot-Fullbody depending on how inspired I am. No couples, NSFW, mecha, baby stuff, or other wild fetishes Will draw humans, anthros...
  17. H

    Need practice on Furry arts!

    I've been on FA for a while but I've mostly been posting my tattoo apprentice things, I've been wanting to get back into digital art and I think that drawing a few characters for free for others would help me out a bit! I'm willing to work with human characters, fanart, fursonas, ferals, anthro...
  18. Kotonen

    YCH freebie!

    Hello I'm brand new to the furry scene and I want to start doing commissions for your amazing community here! First though, I need examples if I ever want to properly advertise my business! This is the art your character would be featured in, the space where the character on the right is. If...
  19. Lea.Tigris

    I'm feeling artsy and want to draw someone new.

    Hey guys. So I'm feeling like doodling some different characters to my own so I'm coming to you guys for inspiration. I will only be doing head shots, and I'm only going to do a few. Post your characters ref and give me the gist of their personality and wait and see! I may pick yours!
  20. fralea

    experimental arts (close ... for now?)

    Hello c: I have some art supplies I want to experiment with, so I will do a couple requests. Notes: -human, furry, feral, monster all ok -will be traditional, but I cant scan them until later this month -I may do them out of order -no guarantee everyone will get one -no examples and they may...