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  1. zloi medved

    practicing anthros

    hi! it's been probably 10 years since i seriously drew furries and i'm trying to refind a style i'm comfortable with. to that end, i'm offering freebies to anthro characters. no ferals, sorry! i can't really promise anything super amazing, i'm pretty much back at square one with drawing ability...
  2. Hodqykins

    Anthro Sketches [Closed]

    So I want to practice drawing anthros and fill up my gallery a bit. These will be SFW, colored, full body sketches. I will take 3 at a time for now. Please fill the form below if you want one! Ref: Species: Gender: Body Type: Expression: Pose:
  3. Wolfty


    like the title says I'M DOING FREEBIES TO GET SOME PRACTICE :p:p:p please post your characters and any info about them! like personality wise, so I can best capture their essence! I wont be doing everyone though because it takes a while for art to be made! (dontcha know?) I'll try to get to it...