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  1. DepryRaer

    Take a croissant, darling, and let's talk

    Hi there everyone! I'm very new to the whole furry fandom and I didn't know where to start so I figured a forum would be probably the best choice. So, as stated in my profil, I'm a 28yo french bear and an artist! I want to take my begining on this forum as the occasion to draw more so i'll...
  2. furnacedragon

    FBlackLight con 6th edition

    Hi Furries! Joint us for FBL6, a French con near paris with activities, dance an hotel. More information in the site : forumanthrofur.wixsite.com: Fursuit Black Light See you there ! :p
  3. Djegny Zlanski

    French fur lost In hur~

    Howdy hi everyone! I'm Djegny, a 16 years old french furry that decided to finally embrace my inner furriness and join some fursites. I'm really into music making and songwriting so yeah, I don't really know what else to say about myself. Hope to meet some friendly peeps in here :3