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friend requests

  1. Cres Moon

    Looking for one on one Discord Rp Partners

    Hey, I've been looking for some people to do some roleplays with over discord. I'm wanting to use some female characters that either need to be flushed out more, or haven't been used in a while. Please message me if interested :)
  2. PoPoZo

    Hello im new to these forums and the furry fandom! Im a husky named PoPoZo!

    Aaaaaaaaaaaand that's it i really wanna flesh out myself in fur form and really really wanna RP to do that! Would anybody be game for something like that or to just help me around the forum im finding it pretty hard to get into. :(
  3. foxclaws98k

    Pixelmon & Steam friends?

    I own a Pixelmon server with a custom modpack and share a public Discord with my boyfriend. I play lots of games on Steam, mostly Warframe and farming/survival games. Looking for friends, note me on FA, add on Steam, or add on Discord if you want to play stuff together. I'm open to RP too.
  4. G

    anybody want to make friends?

    i have not furry friends in real life i do know furry people but im skared to talk to them becuase i have a little social anxiety
  5. Teominious

    Any Southern Wahington Furs?

    Before I type anything else, I deeply apologise if this is the incorrect channel for this to be whapped into. I've not thought of a more appropriate location, nor did I see anything. What's more, I'm not sure if a thread in this vein had been posted before, because the searches I conducted only...
  6. Aro-around

    Hi I'm Shy Newbie artist!

    Hi i am new with the site, i did make an accounts before but didn't fully explore it since i'm really young and still so shy when drawing furry. I would just sketch some and burry it in my mountain pill of sketch books!! but since i had grown now i have the feeling of wanting to draw furry...
  7. Orana

    Who here has an active IMVU account?

    Just curious about getting back into the furry side of IMVU, and would love to extend any friend requests, especially to those with knowledge of good IMVU hangouts :P
  8. DakaraiDragon

    Friends needed here

    Hello, I've been a furry since about 2009 (don't wuite remember when I made my FA account) but after all these years I've never really made friends who were furry freaks like me! So, I have to come here to the forum to look for nice, kind-hearted people to befriend. Any takers?
  9. F

    Newbie On Board.

    Hi, guys, I'm new to the forum side of FA, and I'm just looking to get acquainted with a few people. I really like to discuss art things; techniques, your style, equipment, how long you've been at, etc. Just anything for good conversation.
  10. L

    Looking for new friends!

    Hi, the name's Joshua Hague and I guess Imma furry? IDK... I think the main reason I joined the community was for social interaction and I'm really hoping to meet some cool people! Things I like: Zelda, Nintendo, Markiplier, Electro-Swing, Math, and much more! A big thanks to anyone interested...