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  1. VolatusArts

    Looking for RP Friend! [mxm pref]

    EDIT: Been a bit, I've kind of forgot about my forum account. My Discord tag changed to #8680 , and my mental health was behind, so I did kind of go ghost on a few people. Apologies. But hopefully, I'll make some new friendos >> It's not required that your character be male, gay or that you rp...
  2. Cres Moon

    Looking for one on one Discord Rp Partners

    Hey, I've been looking for some people to do some roleplays with over discord. I'm wanting to use some female characters that either need to be flushed out more, or haven't been used in a while. Please message me if interested :)
  3. Bluefiremark II

    Request: Request 4 friend

    === ART COMMISSION REQUEST === :: Name :: Roxy (Female) :: Type :: "Vulpine" (D&D "species" - General structure of her is fox-like with some modifications) :: Build Description :: Roxy is a fox-like creature with several distinct features that set her apart from the "typical" fox creature...
  4. foxclaws98k

    Pixelmon & Steam friends?

    I own a Pixelmon server with a custom modpack and share a public Discord with my boyfriend. I play lots of games on Steam, mostly Warframe and farming/survival games. Looking for friends, note me on FA, add on Steam, or add on Discord if you want to play stuff together. I'm open to RP too.
  5. Sledge_Husky 04

    How to make friends?

    Hello all!!! I am quite literally the most antisocial person to ever exist, and i see alot of people saying that the furry fandom is so welcoming, so I have to ask, how do i go about making "furry" friends? irl i have 2 friends, and they have been my friend for along time, and they arent into...
  6. Petrichorlizard

    How do you find a furry in your area (UWSP)

    Ok. I just moved out to mid wisconsin, stevens point. It's yeehaw country and if I make a school posting saying I am a furry and want to meet some friend's I might actually be threatened to be shot. A pride crosswalk was built recently and was vandalized the same day by TWO DIFFERENT PEOPLE...
  7. Bluefiremark II

    Request: Friend in need~

    I have a friend in need of some art since he has literally nothing of his character(s), some of you may have seen this or maybe posted something in a previous thread for the same thing, sadly something happened, idk why but the thread was deleted and any pictures previously posted, which i...
  8. Bluefiremark II

    Request: Art for a friend

    There's a friend of mine that doesn't really have any good art of characters. He'd seen some of mine and then wondered if i could get him one. He isn't allowed to communicate with anything beside discord and texting so he's asked me to ask for him. So i was wondering and hoping that someone...
  9. BeauJayWolffo47

    Wolves of FAF! And a owl...

    ok so uhh I know wolves are super common in the community but maybe thought I’d make a thread for all of us to do our wolf things in or uhh whatever cuz ya know packs? Bottom line is stop by and greet your fellow wolf! And One Able Fur
  10. Rain LaStrange

    Need more practice drawing!

    I am willing to draw your character for free! I'm not that good at drawing unfortunately so that won't be that good, but I want to start practicing more vigorously! So I was wondering if you could help me out by linking your characters reference sheets! I will share the art with you obviously...
  11. x_pixel_x

    hi hi! first timer furry trying to make friends (ᵔᴥᵔ)

    hello! thank you for stumbling onto my introduction. my name is leah but you can call me pixel (ᵔᴥᵔ) I'm 18, female and also pansexual! I'm really new to this community and hope to make friends :3 please feel free to message me and say hi!
  12. nick

    furry jobs?

    hello. I have come to ask a question and learn from you, the community, about a furry I found on Facebook. they are a friend of a friend and I saw their picture with the dog head on and I clicked through to their profile. I discovered that they are a dog furry, and they listed their work as dog...
  13. Cres Moon

    Social Discord Rp Server (Nsfw)

    Hey, I was looking for people who'd be interested in joining a laid back discord server, just message me and I'll invite you to it. Only requirement is you have to be over 18 and will need to provide some proof of age.
  14. IkeFanboy64

    I want to show my buddy how incredibly bizarre the whole drone thing is.

    So I want to show my friend some artwork regarding the whole drone trend-thing-bullshit. He's not part of the furry community in the slightest, I just want to show him how incredibly weird and bizarre it is since the two of us share a lot of opinions and I just want to see his reaction. Just so...
  15. captain_morj


    Hi! I'm new here. I'd like to talk to someone. I want to hear something about you :) (previously sorry for my english)
  16. A

    Sketch for Firestar

    A friend of mine recently requested that I design a fursona for her and this is what I came up with. The character's appearance and personality traits are heavily inspired by that friend. This drawing is actually the first time in at least a year that I've completed a pencil-to-paper piece as I...
  17. N

    Anyone in michigan? Looking for a friend.

    Anyone live in Michigan? I switch houses every week or so i live half in Auburn and half in Midland. If anyone wants to be friends and can get to either of those areas please message me
  18. SabreMutt

    New Artist Hoping to make Friends

    Hello everybody, I'm Sabremutt. You can call me any variation on that - Mutt, Sabe, Sabre, whatever works for you! I only know 2 other people in the furry community, and they are friends who I have met in real life (my friend and his girlfriend). I do art as well as writing. Favorite Shows...
  19. Behemoth89

    My art/Make friend

    I'm new artist at here. This is new art of mine. I hope that YOU like her and I wanna make friend with people at here. THANK FOR READING!! YOU can visit my FA to see un-watermark version and arts more than : Artwork Gallery for behemoth89 -- Fur Affinity [dot] net
  20. Behemoth89

    Anybody home ? Hello Every one!!

    I'm new member. Nice to meet YOU. I'm an 2D Artist. My English not good. Sorry abou that. BUT I really want to make friend at here.