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  1. sin_bio_wolf

    Gamers & Furs 18+ Community discord server

    hey all, I'm FierySin aka Sin_bio_wolf and I run a community based server over on discord with a group I've come to consider family. We've been running the server for near on four years and it's a small friendly community of just shy 400, more always very welcome to join our family <3 We have...
  2. fluidiity

    Paws, Claws, & Scales Community | Furry & furry supporters, friendly, & open!

    ✨ Hey there, Seren here! I am the owner of the Paws, Claws, & Scales Community Discord server, officially re-opened today! ✨ If you're interested in creating a fun space to share art, videos, cosplay/fursuits, memes, or maybe you enjoy gaming, streams, or just want to chill and make friends...
  3. D

    Shark's Den Discord Server

    Hey This is a really neat server and it's getting some remodeling done! You should check us out cause we're fairly active. Not too fast to where your messages will be lost in the logs, but always enough to where you can have a nice conversation. Join the Sharks Den Discord Server!
  4. Bluefangcat

    Stray Furs | a mature and welcoming discord server

    ☆-----♡-----☆ Stray Furs is a mature and openminded furry community aiming to bring people together over common interests and foster discussion as well as friendship. Our server is geared towards adult furs who value creativity, kindness, and free thought. It can be hard finding your place...
  5. Lopaw

    Closer furries, a big happy furry discord server

    Welcome to my discord server that’s been here since 2018. Join the Closer Furries Discord Server! Closer furries is a community aimed at resolving drama in the fandom whist at the same time being a nice community to be in. The server currently has: ▫️SFW and NSFW RP channels. ▫️SFW and NSFW...
  6. Sillysamoyed


    Hello Furries, Fuzzies, and more! Name's Andy, Pook, or Wvolf and I'm a NightFury!~ Well a form of Nightfury- I'm a subspecies known as a NightBurst and its nice to meet you! Im a very friendly individual who doesnt mind an interaction here and there! I do all sorts of art, so take a look at...
  7. yuumi

    Gaming Community Discord <3

  8. Dritazura

    Hello all!

    Hey everyone! I’m a dragoness named Dritazura and I’ve been here for quite awhile, but I don’t think I ever properly introduced myself here. So here I am! I’ve been a part of the community for awhile but kind of hiding it at the same time from the one I love for YEARS out of fear he’d think...
  9. GeodeChipmunk

    New Chipmunk In Town

    Heya everyone! My name is Geode Aurora Nox-Ignis and Im a friendly gay chipmunk!
  10. D


    ~server deleted due to lack of members~
  11. dremermika

    Discord I'm Inviting People to Join

    Hey there all, hope I'm doing this right as far as I can tell this seems to be the right place to post. I'm Mika ( Userpage of DreamerMika -- Fur Affinity [dot] net ) and I wanted to find more people for my Discord, generally a varied use discord with what I hope are a lot of emotes that people...
  12. Wolfy_V

    Come Join Wolfy's World! (Furry Discord Server)

    (Artwork for logo and banner done by me) WELCOME TO WOLFY'S WORLD ──────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────── Welcome to Wolfy's World, a fun-loving furry server made just fur you! We have a little bit of everything for just about everyone willing to...
  13. R176

    Furry Minecraft Server! play.fauxpaws.com (1.13.1)

    Hey! R176 here, and we've been working really hard on a brand new furry-based minecraft server over the last few weeks, and we're looking to expand our friendly little community! Allow me to introduce Faux Paws! Currently we are running on Minecraft version 1.13.1 with plans to update to...
  14. A

    Discord Gaming Community For Furries!

    Hey guys! I'm new to the furry scene, I LOVE the community as a whole, and am hoping to make a furry centered gaming community on Discord! I have some Emotes already uploaded to the Discord server. We have rules, Roles, Bot for music, and friendly admins! What's not to like!? Come give us a...
  15. C

    Hello Everyone!

    Im Cubico! I just signed up on FurAffinity and i just want to say hello to all other furry kin like me out there whos looking at this post! Im happy to be looking for people to talk to on here so just message me if your interested! =^_^= Thanks for reading this! Sincerely, Cubico...
  16. snek_prince

    henlo frens

    ah yis, hello i've been using FA for nearly a year now, because reasons, but i've decided to actually make an official account now that i have my own OCs and fursona, i feel so established anyways yeah, i use Telegram frequently and Furry Amino. if you wanna check out my FA profile, beware of...
  17. Aketu

    Hello Aketu Here

    Hi I'm Aketu, I'v been on the site for alil bit now but havnt been active due to using my phone. Anyways I'm a writer and I'm hoping to have the time to write plenty of stories to share with future friends and critics. Hope to get to know the community well :) Aketu signing off :)
  18. AzazelKitty

    Furry Roleplay/ERP Discord!

    Hewwo~! I'm azazel and I've started a discord server for competent furry roleplayers, gamers and people who just want to relax and hang out c: This is the discord invite : Discord - Free voice and text chat for gamers It's still a work in progress but as more people join I'll create custom...
  19. GenkeiZwei

    Here we can see Scewra, a newly discovered species, in it's natural habitat

    The Shewra species Distinguishing traits: Long arms with big paws and 4 “fingers” Shorter and bulky digitigrade legs, Long, dense and wild fur Generaly bulky physique Flopy ears that start where the begining of eyebrowsu should be. Round and short muzzle with big, almost round, nose...
  20. DarkoKavinsky

    Grey Ace Furs out there?

    Just curious to know if there's any grey ace furs out there. I'm a demisexual myself and it's kind of hard finding other people who are well... aces. Had another demisexual contact me today which brightened up my day. So I wonder if there's more out there in the gray ace spectrum. Or heck...