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  1. C

    How to engage deeper with the fandom in spite of social anxiety?

    I've been a part of the fandom for about 6 years now and while I don't mind being a spectator it gets a little lonely not having furry friends. I can deal with posting on forums like this or furry subreddits but I have difficulty handling VRChat and Discord and other, more direct groupings...
  2. Sodasats20

    (Don’t respond)

    Just post what you would do if some asshole came and did something to the most important person in your life Could be portrayed by video, or really anything (Feel free to give yourself powers) Personally, I’d probably do something like this
  3. sin_bio_wolf

    Gamers & Furs 18+ Community discord server

    hey all, I'm FierySin aka Sin_bio_wolf and I run a community based server over on discord with a group I've come to consider family. We've been running the server for near on four years and it's a small friendly community of just shy 400, more always very welcome to join our family <3 We have...
  4. puppycorn

    18+ Discord Roleplay?

    Hello there! I'm looking to roleplay 1x1; anthro, pokemon, or object ocs; any gender or orientation! I can do SFW or NSFW; we can discuss kinks privately but I'm generally open to most things besides ABDL/scat/watersports. Due to anxiety I prefer to chat a little OOC here and there during the...
  5. Kes

    Hi! New here and looking for friends

    Just wanted to say hi. I’m 41, female and from Northern England where I live with my husband, toddler and cat. I’ve lurked around for a while, but I recently rediscovered my love of doing artwork, so decided to join up. I have some physical disabilities that have meant a lot of changes in my...
  6. pinkwwisteria

    Returning to the furry fandom! Hi!

    hello!! <33 ive been a furry since my teen years, took a break for a little while due to the general public view on the fandom, but I’m back because I’ve missed drawing furries!! this is actually my first time using FA, although I’ve known about the site for years. I want to start networking...
  7. CeloTheKitty

    Heyo !

    Hey, my name is Celo. I'm pretty new to the fandom and would love to make some friends. I'm 22 and female My main fursona is a ragdoll cat I'm also into ABDL and pup play I have autism and social anxiety I'm a gamer (mostly on PC now) and A huge anime fan I'm in the Southeast...
  8. TyraWadman


    Come together and Tag someone to show them your love! You can explain why you're tagging them, or naw, your choice! @Borophagus Metropolis @FlooferWoofer @Chomby @Rimna @Rayd (Just because your name isn't listed here doesn't mean I don't care btw, I just don't want to flood tags ToT)
  9. Lazy-Tanuki

    A "little" introduction ^/w/^

    Heya! Pleased to make your acquintance! ^/w/^ I'm a 26-years old Bi guy that lives in germany (really prefer speaking english doe) and work as an IT system integration engineer! I lurked in the furry community for about a year more or less at this point, just with no proper interaction, as I'm...
  10. Cynicallia

    Finetune Friends/Watching/Specifics

    Hey, hey. I love my friends, but I'm not into everything they post, and I hate seeing notifications that I'm only going to delete without looking at or reading. (OCD, it kept me from even watching ANY of my friends at all for the longest time.) I think it would be great to choose the things I do...
  11. F

    Furry Needing Friends In The UK!

    Hi, Thought i'd make this post for a friend as he's too shy to do this himself! He's a Husky Furry! Very friendly! Just looking for friends in the UK or around Scotland as he's wanting to go to Scotiacon but has no one to go through :( Plus he has no Furry friends in general but is wanting like...
  12. D


  13. Wheeze

    Any Knoxville/East TN furries?

    heya!! i'm gonna be straight up, i'm very lonely and don't have any local friends u_u;; i live in knoxville, tn, currently and id love to meet some cool people around my area! just a heads-up i'm 24 years old so i'm not super looking for friends who are under like...20? i guess? not...
  14. Tahr_Yrre

    Looking for friendos

    Hello, I'd like to meet some furries(online and not). -Why choose me as a friend: 1. ?? 2. ?? 3. ?- Ok I'll stop 4. Very friendly will always be there 5. Usually people get tired of me because I'm overly friend 6. Videogamer, RPer, good chatter, (about arguments I know *cough*), so lots of...
  15. HeartAngel

    Casual Art Server (18+)

    Hey there! Some pals and I got together and made a server for casual chatting centered around artists! Every skill level is welcome, we even have channels for help/critique and WIPs, there is an optional nsfw section as well - if you'd prefer ;3. We're hoping to create a small group of great...
  16. Gioko Kun

    Hey guys! :D

    Hi! I'm new here! xD I like to draw and make new friends! I don't know what else to say xddd You can follow me on twitter if you want n___n Here a drawing I made days ago :3!
  17. Bl4ck-Cl!n!c

    Hello there, im not so new, but i need some helping hand, friends and advice

    Hello there, ill introduce myself, im Neo Hybrid, catwolf hybrid. Im 26yo and im from Mexico, ive liked furry since i was 15 and liked to draw since 16, i started watching kemono artists and them furry, and them both together since then, all my life i only drawed in vacation because school in...
  18. B

    howdy funkers

    hey! my name is zii, nice to meet you! i'm new ish to the site, new ish to the fandom (at least publically), and very new to the forums!!:3 i wanna post my art and sonas sometime, just don't have a lot of art of them yet. anyway, hello everybody! i'd love to make friends, and talk to people, and...
  19. Lemii_

    How do I make friends in the furry fandom?

    I'm awkward and don't talk much, so it's kinda hard for me to maintain friendships with people. I tried to join furry Discord servers but most of them were 18+. When I finally found a 16+ server, I was kicked because I was the youngest there (I was already 16 and I was just talking about cats...
  20. KD142000

    Any PS4 gamers out there?

    At this time, most people are indoors and bored out of their trees, so I decided it would be a good time to ask if anyone is a PS4 gamer around here? I'm more than willing to make new friends on the platform and hopefully game with them. That's if I have the same game they do or I can share...