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  1. ReeseCapeesh

    Help! Having a really hard time making my Sona. :(

    I honestly need help. I'm a new fur and i cant decide a fursona species. the problem is, i have waaay too many favorite species. I love exotic pets, wolves, lions, dragons, cryptids, reptiles, goats, horses, aliens, you name it. I love everything!! i dont want to mix EVERYTHING and end up making...
  2. Reiv

    What Do You Play When You're Stressed/Frustrated?

    You had a rough day, you have access to video games, you sit down and start playing something. What do you play when the day didn't go as you planed it? When I'm in a really bad mood, I play Osu! or Warlords Awakening or Tales of Berseria.
  3. Angellothefox

    How do I upload a audio greater then 10Mbytes on FA?

    I have made a audio story but unfortunatly it is too long and I want to be able to upload it. Any suggestions on how to make it smaller or how to compress the MB but still retain all of the story in tact?