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  1. Pinkaap

    Cute Furry Art

    Looking for really cute furry headshots or customs based on moodboards? Commission me! I'm saving up for a screen tablet and I'm $545/$790 at the moment so all help is appreciated! My headshots _ $10 Moodboard Customs - $13 Waist up - $15 Fullbody - $25
  2. supermint

    3 commission slots open!

    I'm opening 3 commission slots - first come first serve. You can check slot availability in real time here. Here are some recent commission examples: Available commission types Order form Feel free to contact me if you have questions! I may make more slots available depending on...
  3. Dendariiis

    Painted Feline FullBody Character

    This Guy/Gal is up for grabs for 10$USD [/IMG]
  4. W

    Blue_Owl Commissions | Adoptables

    Hello there! I'm Wietrzyca aka Blue Owl here and I'm kinda new here, but I feel enough to start some commissions and design/characters selling. You should know that I will draw with pleasure all kind of felines but I can draw also other animals (I'll do my best!). I have some simple rules...
  5. Schneewittchen

    Sketch and full colour commission [open]

    Hello! I'm Schnee and I'm open for commissions! If there are any questions, just shot me a message. I draw: - Human and anthro - Sexy clothing and poses I don't draw: - full nudity Extra character: Sketch Full colored Waist up: +10$ + 20$ Fullbody...
  6. pumpkin-tide

    pumpkin-tide's commissions! $10-30 digital art, many style!

    Hello! This is my first time making a thread here so forgive my ignorance lol But you know the drill: More examples: FA Tumblr If you are interested, feel free to send me a note on FA main or tumblr, thanks!
  7. fish-with-feathers

    Round 3 Commissions OPEN! ($30+)

    I've been a bit slow to open up commissions here on FA since in all truthfulness I'm not really a furry artist. As such my ability to draw furry art is quiet limited, so until now I've held off. That said however I decided to give it a shot and see how it goes! So until the end of September...
  8. Icefyrefox

    Commissions Open (Feral, Furry, and More)

    Status: OPEN Slots: 1. open 2. open - paypal only - SFW only please - Please have a full reference of your character ready. - Please allow time for completion. If you have deadlines, let me know up front. - I will send a preview of your sketch for corrections and approval before payment is...
  9. shenkkazoo

    Shenkka's Commissions ($5-20)

    I do not take NSFW commissions! You can read my rules here! www.furaffinity.net: Commission Info -- shenkkazoo's Journal You can see my past completed commissions here! Artwork Gallery for shenkkazoo -- Fur Affinity [dot] net I'm more than happy to take on any species, though I may be...
  10. supermint

    Commissions OPEN! Variety of types.

    Click here for full information Click here to order For questions, please reply to this thread! Thank you for your time.
  11. B

    $25 fullbody commissions

    Hello!! I'm opening up commissions until August 15th, If you're interested please comment or dm me! You can also email me at borplecommissions [at] gmail [dot] com examples slots open open open open open open open open open open
  12. Alkraas

    SFW Feral/Anthro (partial) Commissions

    Hello there. My name is Alkraas and I would like to raise some money for my drivers license. In return, I will offer artworks. ----- Terms Of Service | To Do List | Fur Affinity ----- What I'll draw: Anthros (Busts only), ferals, animals, dragons, fan art (MLP, Pokemon etc.), gore. What I...
  13. LexaWalker

    Paypal Commissions Open! $5 to $70 CAD!

    Hi hi everyone! My commissions are open!<333 ♥ Paypal only ♥ ♥ Maximum character limit per drawing will be two ♥ ♥ Speed will depend on type of commission ♥ ♥ Five slots open for each category ♥ I'm okay with drawing anything except robots/mecha, hardcore nsfw, heavy gore, and hate ;v; Please...
  14. covely

    * covely's commissions * ($5-$20 USD) open!

    Hello! I'm a little new to this community, so please forgive me if this thread is a little messy. You can contact me here (on this forum), on FA (my username is moonix), or dA (covely) Firstly, my T.O.S covelycommissions.weebly.com: T.O.S By commissioning me you are agreeing to my terms...
  15. Yvvki

    High Quality Art! 5$ - 25$ USD

    Hello there people. I am Yvvki, A fun loving red panda! I just got my diploma for graphic design and am in the makings of looking for work! If you have any questions, feel free to ask away! I'm extremely friendly. Lineart: All Lineart will have no color added. Headshots - 5$US Full art...
  16. XseArt

    Anthro/Feral SFW/NSFW Commissions!

    IF YOU WANT TO COMMISSION ME, NOTE ME ON FA/DA/INSTAGRAM/SOFURRY (XseArt on all) OR EMAIL ME: Xserzusart@gmail.com INFO: -Commissions are ALWAYS open- -Extra characters +15% normal price; -NO hardcore fetishes (note me if you're not sure if I draw yours!); -YCH'S ARE ALWAYS CHEAPER so keep an...
  17. slurku

    .: Slurku's Commissions :.

    .:Basic Commission Info:. ★ please provide clean clear refs 2-3 max ★Payment is up front and Paypal only ★ Everything is fully rendered ★ My art style is stylized and Expressive though anatomy is priority I do not do realism! ★ I draw a lot of stuff, but my strengths are: Dragons, Wolves, Big...
  18. elenawing

    Ferals, anthros, humans oh my! [$10+]

    Howdy All! I'm pleased to say commissions are now open ! I can do feral or anthro characters in a serious or cute/fluffy style. I'm open to new ideas so if you have an idea not on my commission list below, please get in touch! You can either PM me and see further art examples at Userpage of...
  19. KhramChee

    Digital art Starting @ 10 $

    for more info check my FA : www.furaffinity.net: Khram Chee's Price Chart by KhramChee
  20. J

    Free Full body drawings!!

    I'd like to practice doing some more dynamic or action poses so if you're interested please send a picture of an OC of yours and maybe a description or an action you had in mind for it! I won't be taking requests for right now as they're full body and I'm a bit busy today I may accept more if I...