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  1. 0

    Selling Busts and fullbody art (5$-10$)

    Hello everyone! It's been a long time since I was last here and I missed these threads a lot. I will try and keep it simple because no one likes reading blocks of text. I am currently offering Busts for 5$ Samples are HERE Or Fullbody art for 10$ Samples are HERE I will do NSFW art and...
  2. RadioCatastrophe

    [CLOSED] Semi-Realistic Bust Portrait(s); Human Character - $100 +/-

    Hello Artists, I'm looking for suggestions, or artists who are interested in doing 1 or more semi-realistic, but nothing too Cartoonish/Anime, bust portrait(s) for myself and possibly my group of friends. The portraits will be used and hosted on our community website to be used as...
  3. supermint

    NEW $8 Binary Avatars, Halfbody + Fullbody Comms

    Binary Avatar Commissions $8 100x100 pixels Lined with binary pen, cel shaded White outline Solid color background — Disclaimers >> Price may vary if character design is complicated. Order form here!
  4. MintSolstice

    Fur Reality badge commissions! Only $10 pick up at the con!

    Badge commissions for Fur Reality! Headshots: $10 Bust:$15 Full body:$25 Can be digital or traditional! Laminated and everything! (If you are not going I am more than willing to ship them to you, but you must pay shipping!)
  5. lnconvenient

    Fullbody Inkwash | $7 Single | $10 Couple

    Hey, there! I'm Smith, and I've got some slots open for fullbody monochrome inkwash commissions! I'm trying to get at least one done every day, but I can't do that without something to draw! Maybe you'd like to buy a slot or two? 'v' Prices are as follows: $7 USD for a single figure $10...
  6. Yarik

    Reference Sheets & Scenes (Open)

    Hello all! I'm offering Commissions budgets of many kinds. Pretty much everything "full" you find in my gallery is 50€ but there can be done cuts to lower the costs. (Look up the flexible options!) You can also find all the pricing information you need on my FA commission-tab. If you're using...
  7. fluffgator

    FluffGator's Commissions! OPEN SLOTS! [[digital sketches $5-10, ref sheets, and more]] :SFW & NSFW:

    ◄▣:Welcome to my Commission Thread:▣► || Gallery || Commission FAQ || Queue || Application || Hello, thank-you for visiting my thread, friend! The name is FluffGator, and I'm a highly skilled digital artist that is looking to draw your beautiful characters and sonas. I specialize in...
  8. Sharklore

    ♛ Sharktank: digital fullbodies, busts, and more! ♛

    Hello, hello! Welcome to my thread. Thanks for taking a look! I have a few different commission types open and I'm excited to be drawing! I'll go over my shop info really quickly here, but you can find a whole overview at my website Art Examples and Prices: What I can draw...
  9. dovahthecat

    Dovahthecat's commissions (OPEN)

    Hey there everybody! dovahthecat from FA here, or you may know me as thedovahcat back on tumblr side. I'm open for commissions currently and will remain so indefinitely! You can check out my art at my gallery here! (Be sure to check my FA journal for sales!) For a full list of commission prices...
  10. pastel-pumpkins

    Pastel-Pumpkins's Commission Thread - Open

    Hey I opened up commissions recently and thought I'd share my price list here too! c: You can find most info about commissions here, but this is my price sheet. You can find more examples of my art on my Tumblr, DA, and FA. if your interested please note me on furaffinity.
  11. Noxeorn

    (Commission) Selling: Noxeorn's quality commissions

    Hi everyone! ^^ I'm opened for commissions. I draw both ferals and anthro. Pricelist is below! If you have some questions - feel free to ask.
  12. Okami-sama

    Your Character Here Auction with Lingerie and Tentacles!

    Do you like tentacles? Do you like cute undies? You can get both! At the same time! Other options are available here also! Check out the link below! [nsfw] www.furaffinity.net: YCH AUCTION Open! Tentacles! by Okami-sama
  13. supermint

    Complete Commission Listing and Prices (2016 SALE)

    OPEN - Reopening 2016: Pricedrop on most commission types! Here is where all my currently offered types of commissions are listed. **Please read my commission terms before ordering. Thank you very much for your time. -------- Click on the commission title for more information! Questions? Post...