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fully shaded

  1. ShadowKiro

    (Base/YCH) Selling: [YCH, AUCTION] Both character slots, NSFW, any species [SB 50usd]

    YCH auction going on in my gallery! You will get to decide both of the characters. Payment via PayPal only! SB 50usd AB 200usd Current highest bid: 65usd BID IN HERE: https://www.furaffinity.net/view/41949152/ More info in the image descriptions. Any species! --------------
  2. tamako_does_art

    latest digital art : halloween twik art!

    hey everyone i just finished this fully shaded piece of my main fursona twik thee lil' mouse . this year she went trick or treating for me (cause lockdown) as chuky from the movie franchie (first one when his clothes aren't teared up yet) isn't she adorable? anyways i loved drawing her because...
  3. somniari

    (Commission) Selling: Ham's Custom Commissions! [base prices: $7 - $30 ]

    twitter: @postponedmovies fur affinity: skyphile discord: somniari#9496 ko-fi: storysanctum patreon: StorySanctum this is where i draw any character(s) you’d like, of any genders and species, including humans, in poses, outfits, interactions and backgrounds you pick! all i need is visual...