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fun and games

  1. C

    Level a country's stupiditly

    It is simply based off the Predators and prey thread game. Rules are simple. It goes: (Country's name) is 1 level stupid (Country's name) is 2 level stupid (Country's name) is -1 level stupid (Country's name) is 1 level stupid The stupidest wins with 20 score, and the smartest wins with -20...
  2. lenago

    Light hearted slice of life/ syfy RP

    Hi hi! I'm looking for someone to do a bit of a light hearted,slice of life role play/ syfy RP. Looking for male or female with ages 18 and up. The ideia i have is for a roomate story,your character would respond to a ad for a room i am renting, you at first enjoy your stay and everything looks...
  3. driftingdragon


    So over the past few days, I've been experiencing terrible pain in my elbow. Broken glass is all over my house, cause I'm a dumbass, and I just thought it was one of those. TURNS OUT THOUGH, after several days of debating if it's a bad pimple or a splinter of glass. I decided to check it out...
  4. Anoua

    Eliyo - Kickstarter February 5th! Adventure Awaits!

    Eliyo is a virtual pet site currently in open beta with a kickstarter set to launch next week! Check out the Kickstarter Preview In Eliyo you play as an adventurer capturing and training elons. Elons are intelligent animals that are driven to fight. They are unique with different colors...
  5. pupsicle-c

    ✦ . A Little Paws-itivity! . ✦ - Community Challenge!

    Hey! I see a ton of rather depressing posts throughout these forums, which is a shame because this community is full of very interesting & incredibly creative folks! So I decided, why not share a little positivity in the form of a fun fursona-centric challenge? ✦❤✦ The Challenge: Describe...
  6. Skychickens

    What have I got in my pocket?

    Hmm...what’s in there? If you currently are not wearing something with pockets, find something tucked in your couch cushions, under your bed, in a drawer, etc. As for what is currently in my pocket?