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  1. AkatsuriTaro

    Are the...

    Are the eevees taking over forums now? xD Just noticed how many of my fellow friends have an eevee as their profile pic, and then there's some other users too. When do we become Pokemon trainers and start catching them all? :3 I want a full team of eeveelutions!
  2. Nexus Cabler

    Share your favorite Discord emojis!

    Pretty simple, if you can, copy and paste emojis you love to use from servers on discord. Bonus points if it's funny! Rules 1) Must be SFW 2) Nothing that's clearly political or obviously offensive I'll start with one I tend to use a lot. It's titled :harveyjoy:
  3. just.chillin

    Idiot things that people have fought about

    99% of the things that siblings fight over tend to be hilariously dumb. My friend in high school got into a fight with her sister because they couldn't decided weather the teddy bear looked better on the shelf of the bed and it broke out into a screaming match. Bigger sister got drunk and ran...
  4. Gravey D. Train

    I started posting gaming videos on my YT

    I decided to post meme edit gameplay of War Thunder on my channel for fun. I thought I'd share with you all incase you'd find it entertaining. Here's my most recent upload:
  5. NikGee

    'Feline Funnies' comic strip series

    Hello, everyone I'm completely new to FA as I've opened an account to post my [non-kinky] comic strip series called "Feline Funnies". Here's a link to my page: https://www.furaffinity.net/user/nikgee/ I draw comics just for the passion of it; I already got a full time job so I have no need to...
  6. VeeStars

    Caption that image!

    The rules are simple. Caption the image above you and then post an SFW funny or random image. I'll start. There is no image above me so I'll caption it: "Endless void, so lame". Caption this image:
  7. dove123123123

    Request: Draw a penguin like Sweeney Todd

    Hello FA Fourms. I love the musical Sweeney Todd. I would love to see what the penguin would look like dressed up as Sweeney Todd. You can remove his hat and give him the hair along with the razor. Here is a picture of Sweeney: My FA (NSFW Warning)...
  8. Lexiand

    Give the furry above you a nickname

    Title says all. Example I sometimes call @Guifrog, Froggo.
  9. PC Master Race

    Your fursona / OCs' famous last words

    Imagine your fursona or favorite OC(s) meeting their epic end in your favorite video games or anime or movies etc. What would they say ? I'll go first. "I kid you not !"
  10. UwUCarlaUwU

    To the people who have hung out together in their suits

    if you have a suit, and a bunch of furry friendo's, if you did meet up, what did you do for fun? bowling? going to the park? visiting places?
  11. F

    Funniest places in America

    What the title says, name a funny REAL USA location, along with info. I'll start... Uranus, Missouri: has a fudge factory, and VERY funny souvenirs, like a T-shirt that says "Uranus Funeral Home - we just them deep in Uranus"
  12. BrunoMax895

    V.I.P. Very Importat Pup (My animated series still in development)

    Hey there, guys. I've had account from FA before a while ago and I just recently made a new one, and I enjoy seeing a lot of the art that can be found there. I thought I would make a thread here discussing and sharing the show that I'm currently working called V.I.P. Very Important Pup. It's an...
  13. F

    Funny stories you want to share

    This one only has two friends- Farkas and La'rissa. This one's name is Dar'rassi. Me, Farkas and La'rissa went to The Bannered Mare. Farkas stayed sober. I snuck some skooma in with me. I stayed semi-sober... But La'rissa found my skooma - I had 10 bottles, I only had one for myself, she drank 9...
  14. Fureviews

    Oscar the webcomic

    Hello world! I've been hard at work on my latest comic idea, and this one is called Oscar. It's a series of comic strips that centers around a raccoon guy called Oscar who's trying to live an average life in a big city that seemingly won't let him. I released the first strip yesterday. Check...
  15. Awoos the Plush

    Stupid short videos thread

    post the funniest, dumbest and most random vines, tiktoks and other videos in this thread.
  16. Rap Daniel

    Could this become a meme?

    It comes from Ace Combat 6's Liberation of Gracemeria mission, where Ilya Pasternak says "I am shutting down communications." Could it be memed? via Imgflip Meme Generator
  17. Rap Daniel

    The Old Switcheroo

    Switch the words of an idiom, phrase, TV show name, movie title etc. around so it's funny! "Mr. Burns Shot Who?" Or completely random! "Force you be may with the."
  18. Rap Daniel

    Ruin famous quotes

    "The many needs of the few far outweigh the few needs of the many." - Not Spock "KHAAAAAAAAAAN I have some ice cream?" - Not Kirk
  19. Rap Daniel

    Original memes

    Post your own, original meme! imgflip.com: Disappointed Black Guy
  20. Rap Daniel

    Picture-less Memes

    any villain: *exists* me in my TX-130 using Barrage: I hereby sentence you to death. my mom: Why are you digging through your Lego box? me: Gotta be the last piece I need in there somewhere.