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  1. Fureviews

    Oscar the webcomic

    Hello world! I've been hard at work on my latest comic idea, and this one is called Oscar. It's a series of comic strips that centers around a raccoon guy called Oscar who's trying to live an average life in a big city that seemingly won't let him. I released the first strip yesterday. Check...
  2. Awoos the Plush

    Stupid short videos thread

    post the funniest, dumbest and most random vines, tiktoks and other videos in this thread.
  3. Rap Daniel

    Could this become a meme?

    It comes from Ace Combat 6's Liberation of Gracemeria mission, where Ilya Pasternak says "I am shutting down communications." Could it be memed? via Imgflip Meme Generator
  4. Rap Daniel

    The Old Switcheroo

    Switch the words of an idiom, phrase, TV show name, movie title etc. around so it's funny! "Mr. Burns Shot Who?" Or completely random! "Force you be may with the."
  5. Rap Daniel

    Ruin famous quotes

    "The many needs of the few far outweigh the few needs of the many." - Not Spock "KHAAAAAAAAAAN I have some ice cream?" - Not Kirk
  6. Rap Daniel

    Original memes

    Post your own, original meme! imgflip.com: Disappointed Black Guy
  7. Rap Daniel

    Picture-less Memes

    any villain: *exists* me in my TX-130 using Barrage: I hereby sentence you to death. my mom: Why are you digging through your Lego box? me: Gotta be the last piece I need in there somewhere.
  8. Rap Daniel

    Funny moments in games

    My character stats in Smash 3DS at the time of typing Favorite character: Shulk Second favorite character: Mii Loneliest character: -- Smash Champ: Shulk Smash Sap: Shulk Slug Meister: Shulk Punching Bag: Shulk KO Kingpin: Shulk No-Defense Nelly: Shulk Disaster Master: Shulk
  9. Le Chat Nécro

    Best Way to Pick You RPG Race

    https://kotaku.com/a-very-silly-flowchart-for-picking-your-next-d-d-race-1835482758 It even includes options for people like us!
  10. C

    Crying cat share thread

    Sharing is caring, let's share some of our Crying cat memes and edits
  11. Sirce

    (Base/YCH) Selling: Derp Serg (and any furry) Icons! -Combo 2 for 15$-

    Hello! I've re-opened for commissions! Get your character an adorable and funny version, perfect for telegram icons! ~~~Terms~~ -I can work with any species -I can see NSFW refs, however any NSFW icon will cost more -Every two icons you get the combo (for example, you purchase 4, you pay 30$...
  12. Rap Daniel


    King Ezekiel: *and yet I smile speech* Me: *gets grounded from video games* *proceeds to cry in my room*
  13. Gallows


    What is your Chinese zodiac animal? *~*
  14. Rap Daniel

    Post the weird things that've happened to you, but make it funny!

    Like this: I was going to enjoy breakfast, but diarrhea said NO!
  15. Rap Daniel

    Dumb gaming

    *plays WWII Aces on the Wii U* *stays on the ground and acts like an anti-air gun*
  16. Rap Daniel

    Shakespeare, but it's opposite day

    In, blessed cleanliness!
  17. Rap Daniel

    Me playing video games in a nutshell

    *plays Lego harry potter* *sees Draco Malfoy* *selects jinxes* *spams B* *admires a frozen, flowerheaded, dancing Malfoy* *plays Ace Combat 6* *plays as an Estovakian plane* *blows up every ally I can* *plays any game with first person* *flicks the camera around furiously*
  18. I

    Discord Moments

    Have a funny moment on Discord? Post the screen of it here in this thread for the rest of us to enjoy!
  19. Doodle Bunny

    The Creative Insult Game

    The game is simple. Come up with the most creative insult for the poster above you. The sillier your wording the better. Basic rules: 1. No swearing. Just because it would cheapen the insult. 2. No slurs or anything too edgy. 3. Don't take the insults seriously. Let us begin. My ego is ready.
  20. BobTheGodly

    I made an animation

    I make animations for fun and an attempt at gaining ad revenue. Hope you guys like it. Any criticisms is good criticism.