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  1. insertgenericnamehere1

    B movie recommendations

    I could use some new horrible movies for great laughs. I've seen a lot. But if any of you got any please post a few trailers lol. I'm low on work and bored out of my mind these days... Could really use a great or horrible laugh...
  2. Kylan Velpa

    Google Translate

    This really died down years ago. I don't know about anyone else, though, but I still find Google translate hilarious! Here's what to do: Put the sentence through Google Translate, into any language then back to English. Then post the result. It should get better and better as we go!
  3. Kylan Velpa


    Okay so, Each person puts the phrase above them into Google and posts the funniest autocompletion that pops up, along with a new phrase of 1 to 4 words. Example: User 1: what should I do... User 2: what should i do with my life Help I accidentally... User 3: help i accidentally...
  4. G

    Scooby Doo Movie Review - Nontree

  5. G

    A silly little video about Day of the Dumpster

    A comedic recap of the first episode of Power Rangers.
  6. I

    Son Pranks Religious Mom With Ewan McGregor 'Jesus Picture'

    The prankster, named Ryan, presented the picture of 'Obi-Wan Kenobi' from the Star Wars film Attack of the Clones , but his religious mom thought she'd unwrapped a painting of Jesus and hung it up on the wall. Full Story Here www.ladbible.com: Son Pranks Religious Mum With Ewan McGregor 'Jesus...
  7. R

    The Cursinging (Cursed Images)

    As you can tell, this is the cursed images thread on F.A Forums. You are free to post some eldritch images here. Let's see how long this sub-forum will last. Anyways, have a swell day.
  8. Ravofox

    your funniest animal encounter

    G'day! We all know animals can be pretty darn silly! I'm sure all of us would have had at least one funny interaction with an animal, whether it's a pet, in the wild, on the street or at a zoo! So, don't be shy and post some of your wackiest encounters you've had with an animal! To kick things...
  9. zenmaldita

    YCH Do Me a Frighten! ENDING TOMORROW

    ▛▝▝▝▝▝▝▝▝▝▝▝▝▝▝▝▝▝▝▝▝ ▜ HAHAHAAHAAHAHAAAAAAA -gasps for air- Halloween, for me, is the glorious time for horror booths. ♪~ ᕕ(ᐛ)ᕗ ◆ All Poses Priced Each: ◆ SB: $40 MB: $5 AB: $80 •❅───────✧❅✦❅✧───────❅• ANY GENDER & ANY SPECIES Similar bodytypes please...I can edit but I hope it's close...
  10. I

    What is the avatar above you thinking?

    So basically, you look at the avatar above you and write what you think is going through their mind. You can also post a picture to describe it if you want!
  11. Keroki

    YCH's for Lovebirds and Friends

    Two Ych's for sale! Paypal only, Canines! Edits possible You can message me here or PM me on FA Userpage of Keroki -- Fur Affinity [dot] net <3
  12. C

    stoner dog gets more than he bargained for [mafia/gang rp]

    so i got this idea of volta, my sona, being a regular guy. kind of a stoner but keeps to himself mostly, got a regular dayjob and all of that. but he bumps into someone, could be a guy or a lady that finds him cute and enjoyable and he gets swept up in some crazy stuff after that. because this...
  13. KimberVaile

    FurryTrance Discord

    Good day all, Kimber Vaile here! Some of you might remember me from way back when when I used to be active here! So if ya'll don't mind bearing with me, I'd like to introduce my server, FurryTrance. FurryTrance is a small 30 member community that is quickly growing, full of supportive, good...
  14. GigaBit

    Post Your Funny Screenshots

    Just as the title states: Post your funny gaming screenshots! I'll go first: Codsworth. The Leggy Boi.
  15. Chowder12

    New Animated Furry Youtuber! Wowee!

    Henlo Everyone! my name is Adler the Eagle! I'm an animator, and just wanted to throw out my Youtube information to promote my work! I'm really excited to start this thing up finally, it's literally been a few years in the making and it's great to see it come to fruition! Thanks, and help...
  16. J

    If there was a button you could press to make all buttons everywhere turn into that buttonwould you?

    If there was a yuge red button sitting right in front of your face and it said "press me and all buttons everywhere will turn into this one" would you press it?
  17. SamashTommy

    Open! Little starry shop!

    Hi everybody!!!! Nice guy named Boddy wait you! www.furaffinity.net: [OPEN] New adoptable guy named Bobby by SamashTommy Two candy adoptions for sale! www.furaffinity.net: Two candy adoptions for sale! by SamashTommy Two pretty furrydoogies! www.furaffinity.net: [OPEN] 2 adoptable...
  18. J

    Rate Me (im bored) :P

    Im bored. This is my bored thread. Just punch in a vote i guess :P
  19. D

    YouTube Poops, anyone?

    I don't know about you all, but I always really really loved YTP. They make me laugh every time! I decided to buy a video editing program (cheaper side) and try it myself! Here is one I made, definitely relevant to the fandom haha! Disclaimer: YTPs are supposed to be satirical and somewhat...
  20. wolvykasu

    Funniest burb win!

    like the title said, the most funniest bird win! rules are simple : - post an image, gif, video or meme with a bird - the more likes you get, the more wins you have ! I'll start :