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  1. Iceeat

    Dumb Laws that are Hilarious

    If you take the time to reeeaaallly look on the internet you can find a plethora of really silly laws still in effect today that are hilarious. Post legit silly laws you've heard of for any country: For the US; Dumb Laws in Connecticut. Crazy Connecticut Laws. We have weird laws, strange laws...
  2. Valisha

    What is the worst/most disgusting video you have seen?

    Mine was church of fudge. It was funny as first, but then my eyes had to washed with bleach afterwards.
  3. Kioskask

    Got any good jokes?

    Me being me, I probably put this in the wrong place, but as the title says, got any jokes?
  4. crystallinecanine

    When your fursuit head's follow-me eyes do its job... AT NIGHT.

  5. C

    Claiming The Chanterelle and May Life - Psycho Bunny in a Psychedelic World

    A bit of a sensational title, but you clicked didn't you? Why not click again, on the link below, and check out The Chanterelle and May Life, a comic about an adorably deranged pink bunny, May, and her best friend, Chanterelle the Cow as they embark on surreal, hyper-violent adventures in a...
  6. P

    Cards Against Humanity Card Suggestions.

    Let's have some silly fun. Post what cards you would like to see in a furry related expansion pack for Cards Against Humanity down below. Remember to specify whether it's a question (black) or an answer (white) card. Add as many responses as you want. I want to see some creativity that will make...
  7. OddOcculitist

    Based on My Profile, What Would You Say Fursona Would Be?

    So, I'm kind of new to the furry fandom. I always liked creating characters. I always admired the fandom for its creativity and art. I'm finally stepping my feet in the water. Heck, might even make some new online friends. So, anyway, out of more fun, I was wondering what people would think my...
  8. PlusThirtyOne

    Comic Critique Needed! (84 pages) SFW ver.

    Here it is! The revival of my comic project! i've been working on it since the FA forums pooped out and it's going to launch as soon as i get a little more feedback. Since the days of the FA forums meltdown, i've added a number of pages to flesh out character development, redrawn several pages...
  9. SSJ3Mewtwo

    Looking to get a Navy/Military/Humorous Comic

    A Navy/Military/Humorous comic like what, you ask? A furry comic based on: A rough budget: I'm expecting to pay no less than $100 (I can't imagine this being all crammed onto one page and such, so a higher price for multiple pages is already expected. I'm just betting $100 will be a...
  10. Dapuffster

    Webcomic: Champions of The Melting Pot

    Hello! My name is Alex Oshrin, and I am the creator of the webcomic shown above known as Champions of the Melting Pot. This story is essentially a parody on fighting games. We follow the cliche default anime protagonist, Xero, who in need of a job to pay for college, accidentally finds himself...