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  1. Kunda

    Fnaf security breach adopts OPEN

    Click here to check them out
  2. F

    Main Site There needs to be a better way to add posts on FA to your favorites

    I'm betting a lot of people don't like having to spend hours having someone's posts by just clicking it and pressing the favorite button. On Deviant Art, they have this favorite feature where you can not only click on the post to press the favorite button but also click a star on the top right...
  3. Michel96M

    Should I create a second account for digital colored sketches?

    Hi ^^ I have this FA account with semirealistic anthro art: https://www.furaffinity.net/gallery/diaztony/ Should I create a second account for digital colored sketches?? Or I can use the same one?
  4. wihhdalp

    Ohiyo everyone!

    I'm kinda new here and just wanted to say hi. I'm wihhdalp and as a person behind the artist nickname - yevrs yameru. 20 yo from Russia. Been drawing for 4 years now and still don't really know am I good or not in it since I never got any high attention anywhere. Basically my style formed by...
  5. Agatha-Hart

    Flash in Chrome

    Just saw that Chrome is going to start phasing out Flash--the only site I regularly use that uses Flash is FA--is FA going to continue to use Flash or will you start phasing it out too?
  6. Misha Bordiga Zahradník

    Patreon for Fa(F) mods?

    @Dragoneer Would you be able/willing to set up a Patreon so we can send some small amount to support the Mods and all the bs they put up with? It wouldn't be much, but it would at least be something to help give back for all the hell I'vewe've put you through.
  7. Leocrit

    Hello, I'm new here

    Hello everyone I'm new here and also new to all of this in general I joined the fandom last month and would love to chat with new people. Also I have a youtube channel where I do reviews of video games as well as other game realted topics like PAX East Here is also my FurAffinity Account...
  8. H

    Advertising on Fur affinity

    Has anyone bought advertising for Fur affinity? Does it really work well? How many people went to your profile and signed up after that? Sorry for my English.
  9. clawstarz


  10. Moar Krabs

    Name Changing?

    I joined all the way back in 2017 I believe and this account was originally a troll account. I chose the name Moar Krabs but after a few days I realised that trolling got pretty boring so I just checked out the community and I liked it I guess. But now I'm just a regular user and the name Moar...
  11. Srtameoow


    **********Hello everyone *********** This is my first post in this forum. Okay, I have several adoptions that are open for adoption. With full details and all at 7,5$ (Elf) and 8$ (Fox, Huskyd) Paypal Only —RULES 1. You must credit me! 2. You can slightly change the design / gender...
  12. OvineTanuki

    Looking for Artists to Follow

    I want to build up my watchlist on Furraffinty some. I'd prefer SFW or mostly SFW artists to follow.
  13. GHXST

    Commissions! Starting at $10!<33

    Hi hi!! -I'm pretty (very) new to the community but I really want to get my art out there!! (I also need to pay for accommodation for university... but thats just a technicality) So... here we go! -I can't draw NSFW well yet so I won't do that but I can do gore! -If you're not interested in...
  14. CherryBombshell

    Art for art! Art for art!

    Wanna do a trade? I do! Slightly rendered sketch trades open! Posting some examples here as well as links to my DA and FA, just send a message on there if you are interested! Won’t be fully rendered like the ones in my examples but I would love to get some more furry or otherwise art for my...
  15. Water Draco

    Allow Firefox to record audio when submitting work on FA?

    Hi Is anyone elce getting this when trying to submit work on FA using Firefox an Android device. When you select browse for image a permissions box opens asking "Allow Firefox to record audio?" "Deny" "Allow" So on selecting "Deny" the dialogue box closes and your unable to browse for image...
  16. Angelmyst14

    Adopts and looking to create commissions

    I'm a fairly new artist to FA but I've had a lot of fun with the adopts I have created so far. I put a lot of time and care into them so I value the work a lot. All my work to this point starts at 10 dollars if anyone wants to purchase outright then it's 30. I would love to start doing...
  17. Cheitan

    Change username?

    I would like to know if there is any way to change the nickname or if in some future they will and if so, when do they think it will be possible? I do not want to have to make another account and lose everything just to change the name, I would even be able to pay for it, sorry if it is a very...
  18. E

    Video Game Furs

    We all know how much Sonic has influenced the fandom, but what about other games? Does anyone have any fun characters or sonas based around other video game creatures and races? And I'm not just talking about regular anthros who have been written into the game's story, but actual in-game...
  19. AustinB

    Would you consider the forums dead?

    No disrespect twords the mods, but the sight isn't really all that active. Like, some of the front page threads have replies from nearly 5 days ago. I would consider this a small, yet humble website with a cool dedicated community. I think it should get more traffic though. Barley anyone even...
  20. Z

    Furaffinity app?

    I really wish that there was a Furaffinity app. That would make going on here a lot easier. But you guys/gals are still worth taking the time to chat with. XD