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  1. R

    Main Site Suggestions

    A recommended tab similar to DeviantArt that has art and stories based on your favorites. When you click on a submission it shows you a few other things similar to it at the bottom. A filter option that allows you to hide submissions you've scrolled over or clicked on before. A way of sorting...
  2. Fcomega121

    Main Site (Solved; browser change) ReCaptcha Doesn't works for me, and I can't upload anything.

    I mean I'm trying to post a juno drawing and then Everything is ready but.. I click finish over and over agan and it don't work and sometimes it tells me "Recaptcha failed, reload" but I can't even upload a thing, even with postybirb, I'm the only one?
  3. bizaripher

    Hello, new and older guy here!

    How's everyone doing? I'm 29 years old and I've been interested in furry art since I entered high school although I prefer kemono art. I haven't grown up with anyone who was interested in it or tolerated it. I don't think I'm into fursuiting or RP'ing, I just have a legit fascination for furry...
  4. Alrazvick

    Organizing Favorites.

    The only thing that I don’t like about Furaffinity is the inability to organize Favorites so that they are a lot easier to find. On DeviantArt you are able to do just that by creating folders and placing pics there. I would like to have something like that added to the site if it isn’t too much...
  5. Kylan Velpa

    SFW Art Sites

    So I'm from the UK, where a ban on all sexual content for under 18s has just come into effect. And I'm all for that! I wouldn't be interested anyway and I totally support enforcing the law instead of just stating it. But instead of replacing that tickbox on a webpage with an ID verification...
  6. J

    Deactivation for accounts

    Can we implement deactivation for all Fur Affinity accounts, similar to what deviantART has, replacing the disable account feature?
  7. SamashTommy

    Adoptables For Sale <3

    Are they pretty? This two twins want new good homes (or home)! Rules are here! ▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼ ➺ www.furaffinity.net: Adoptions sale: Mopsi and Dopsi by SamashTommy
  8. w0rks

    Video link on furaffinity.net

    Hi there, which uploader do I have to use if I want to upload a video that you just click on and it plays right? I had already posted a video on Youtube, but I do not want to use a Youtube link in my post How can you do that when you click on it you can watch it immediately without changing...
  9. C

    Tips/tricks for better art?

    My current artwork looks like crap and I want to improve. Is there any good art program out there that's free? I'm only using MS Paint (Which is known to be one of the worst, but I'm used to it). And if you can't help me there, how about some helpful tricks when using MS Paint? To show my...
  10. StarAngelWolf

    Which Community is Friendlier? FA or DeviantART?

    I personally think it's FA. The community seems a lot more friendlier than DA. Here are my pros and cons for both: FA PROS - Has a nice community, despite the art mostly revolving around just one topic (furries/anthros) and the like, there are many talented artists with diverse skills. The...
  11. GodHybrid

    Is it possible to change my username on FA?

    Well, as per the thread name - I'd like to change my name instead of making a new account. I don't see that feature anywhere though, so I guess it's either not implemented, requires an administrator or is simply impossible altogether. What should I do, and can I do anything about it? P.S.: I...
  12. Cercis Lycalopex

    Doing Commissions and Trades

    Titular, as usual! You can find info on my commissions on my FA here: Userpage of melbournehusky -- Fur Affinity [dot] net I have 6 slots for badges and 8 for sketches. I do accept trades. Feel free to ask me any questions. I'd be happy to answer.
  13. ShortConcepts

    "I Just Don't Care!" - Your-Character-Here Auction

    BID HERE! Hey all! I'll be hosting a Your-Character-Here auction. This'll be the first of two YCH compositions featured! First, let me take a little time to explain how this auction will work. This auction starts today, October 28th and will end November 9th at 11:59pm PST. That is two weeks...
  14. furryfilth

    How to get your pictures to not be sideways?

    A couple of recent sketches I posted to FA are sideways, and I'm sure it's got something to do with size, but I'm not good with computer stuff. Someone tell me how to make them right side up?
  15. Angellothefox

    Misalliances I got a can't stop troffee

    I got a can't stop troffee from Furaffinity forums. I do not know weather that is a good thing:) Or a bad thing:confused: :DI have a funny feeling it is FAF Fur affinity forums having a little trolling with me:p Almost like it is saying "Could you stop posting things gezz:rolleyes:" So who...
  16. Elf-cat

    I found a really good eBook, what's your opinion on it?

    I found a really good eBook called Quantum Effect: Homano the Warrior on Kindle and I found it to be very fast paced, full of action, original and unique in the way that it's written. It has explosions, demons, a big giant purple crystal and my favorite character is the dragon spirit. The flaws...
  17. PrismaKitty

    Best Time to Post on FA?

    Hey there, friends! I was wondering if you all knew what is the best time to post artwork to FA? What are your experiences with posting at different times? Does it not matter? I'm trying to get my artwork out there into the open and was hoping y'all could give me pointers! Any other tips...
  18. xokux

    Pleasure to meet all of you.

    (Please forgive me for any errors starting out, I understand of the community I am starting out in, and accept the consequences that follow.) Hello, my name is Okumura. You can address me as such, or just simply call me, Oku~ A little about me. I work with 3 things; School, a job, and a...