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fur pattern

  1. Siinna

    Advice: Markings/pattern help?

    Heyo woofers (not sure if this should be here or in the fursona part of the forums eh...) Advice: how do you come up with markings/patterns for your fursona? (Im in The process of redesigning mine for 2021 but Im s t u c k on what markings she ll have... Any tips? Colorpalette is already...
  2. Amber_Sakura_Wolf

    Need some help

    Hey guys. I’m trying to get supplies to make my first ever fursuit, but I have no clue what color fur to get. I’m gonna use the Shannon Favrics brand on the shag faux fur. I’m undecided bween two colors, camel and the neon yellow. Camel looks like a natural color, yet it feels too light, but...
  3. BooftheFox

    New, would like pattern suggestions.

    Hullo! I'm new here, and would like pattern suggestions for my fursonas, Boof and Bordroi. I don't have a pic of Bordroi, but she is a tol dark red and white sergal female. Not sure if she should have a pattern. :/ This is Boof: He is a male fox. He has a basic fox pattern of one color on top...