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fur suit

  1. TalonR

    Critique: Unusual body suit crafting idea - would this even work??

    I currently own a partial fursuit (that I made myself), and have been thinking hard about making my first bodysuit. But I've had some (early) unusual ideas on exactly * how * to make it. Usually when I look up how to make a body suit, it's basically crafting a homemade onezee with some fur...
  2. M

    The nose knows...HELP!! XD!

    Okay, I am having trouble making the nose of all stupid things. I want it to look just right! :) I've contemplated on just making a plush version and stuffing it and sewing it to the fabric itself, or foam. Which do you guys think would work? I think my foam base head could also stand to be...
  3. M

    My second attempt. Also curious. What got you into fur suit building?

    Hello everyone! Sorry if I didn't reply to some of you on my welcome to the forums thread. It was just shortly after I had been forced to quit my job. I was so upset I didn't know what to do. I had literally shut down from the amount of mental stress I endured from my last job. I digress. I...
  4. Onni-Greywolf

    looking for Suit maker for Dra-Kun

    Edit: Suit maker has been found and I no longer need one from here. Im looking for a maker for a semi-realistic full suit of my Dra-Kun character. Drake A mix of Dragon and Wolf body types, Tail similar in length to a Dragon but slim and fluffy like a Wolf. Dragon like feet and hands with long...
  5. Relyt

    Can you help me get my first fursuit and support my YouTube Channel?

    I'm no longer asking for help on a fursuit, I figured it would be best to try and do it on my own like the majority of the fandom. But if you want to check out my youtube channel and help it grow by subscribing, that would be amazing! www.youtube.com: Blu Studios
  6. ZheeraHyena

    A little advice please?

    I'm currently planning to cosplay Alphys from Undertale for an upcoming con in November. But rather than going the 'gijinka' route, I want to make her look as close to her little lizard self as possible! Thing is, I'm new to making suits. She's simple enough that carving the head would be...
  7. ~T.K~


    Hello, I'm new here, and I'm looking to make some friends in the furry fandom. I am kinda new to being active in the fandom, but I've been living vicariously through others via YouTube, for years. A little about myself, I love cosplaying and attending various conventions with my boyfriend...
  8. L

    Newbie [?]

    Heyyy. I think I'm starting to get into the furry scene. I don't know. I used to think it was basically a fetish type thing, but I started watching videos on YouTube and what not, and my perception of furries has changed drastically. Especially watching Majira and . But I still don't really...