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  1. arctophily

    (Commission) Selling: (starting at $5) sfw/nsfw writing commissions, games

    hello there! i'm arctophily, and i've had several years' worth of writing experience through a variety of mediums, both sfw and nsfw. having spent a good amount of time making my own fantasies a written reality, now i'd like to do the same for you! while i am most comfortable writing original...
  2. C

    Promoting Stuff

    I read the Upload Policy of FA but I don't think I saw anything about promoting non-art material (videos games, videos, social media accounts, etc.) Maybe I didn't look hard enough. But I am wondering what promotions are allowed on FA. Help? I don't want to be in trouble for anything.
  3. Colorfuluwu

    Halloween ~YCH~

    Hi! I'm opening YCH (Your Character Here) commissions with Halloween theme. I can do any species and genre, the final work will be very detailed and colorful. My prices are totally negotiables, I can ajust them to your budget! If you want to see more examples of my works you can send me a PM!
  4. HuskyFog

    AUCTION YCH 120$ for 2 characters

    bids are here www.furaffinity.net: Lovestory YCH OPEN by huskyfog Examples of shading
  5. HuskyFog


    bids are here www.furaffinity.net: Lovestory YCH OPEN by huskyfog Examples of shading
  6. Rosie Paws

    Let's talk about something.

    I am having a hard time fathoming the fact that this community is so hated. Most everyone in the furry fandom is generally so much more accepting than most people in any other fandom. It's quite sad people go out of their way to hate on someone for enjoying something as small as this.. Why do...
  7. Saltamor

    Open Commission. 2 Slot

    Hi:) I'm open to the commission. I draw everything and can fulfill almost any of your orders in excellent quality :) My works you can see on the link below or in the price list :) My prices are very flexible, write to PM for clarification. If the prices are too high, I can pick something more...
  8. Saltamor

    Open commission (DISCOUNTS -20%)

    Hi guys :) Something in the last few commissions, probably you have little money. So on this one I charge discounts, -20% on commission. Do not miss the opportunity of XD You will get art in the best quality, I always try to outdo myself :) More of my works you can see on the links below: ➡️...
  9. Vega Rose

    Writing Commissions (NSFW & SFW)

    Looking for someone to bring your sexy fur fantasies to life? Or maybe you're looking to take a stroll through your own personal nightmare? How about a fun romp through an exotic world of your own design? Vega Rose wants to write stories for YOU! Genres: Romance, Erotica, Horror, Fantasy...
  10. Kuro_the_Cat

    How to hide "bald" patches of fur?

    Hello! Recently I made some paws. I had to use some cheaper fur because I'm new to suit creation and I don't want to become absolutely broke if anything went wrong. But I can't tell if it's shedding or if it's just where the fur has been turned over on itself. The problem is that the fabric...
  11. grunesdragon

    Any tips on dying faux fur?

    Sorry if this is the wrong place to post this! I had a bunch of leftover white faux fur and tried dying some with RIT Synthetic. The color took really well and stayed in, but now the fur is pretty rough (it was silky smooth before the dye bath)... Anyone know how to prevent this? Alternately...
  12. Sultz Z. Wolf

    Furry Cons in Baltimore

    One of the one things I would really love to see is a furry con to be held in The Baltimore Convention Center where BronyCon is held in, but I was saddened when Fur The More move to Tyson's Corner, Virginia which is near Washington DC. Why did Fur The More move from Baltimore to Tyson's Corner...
  13. Fursuitsandmore1022

    Vinyl electrical tape for furring: Safe? URGENT!

    I usually use vinyl electrical tape for furring my suit ( Patterning ) and now I heard that it contains lead and causes cancer. Is this true? Should I stop using it? I use it because it doesnt peel off easily or stick too much like duct tape. I dont know what to do!
  14. G

    Trying to find fur for a suit

    I'm making a fursuit and am trying to find the fur I need. I live in Québec and was wondering if any furry familiar with the Montréal scene (Closer to me right now) knows where to find some good fur. Hell, if you know some good stores in Ontario or even British Colombia, I'll take whatever I can...
  15. Danichan19

    My First Fursuit

    I've had this poor creature called "Meep" in production for ... um.... a while. Life happens. So now I live in my own home and can do things on my time. Currently the pieces I have are paws, the foam head base, I have extra foam for the digi grade legs, two types of the three types of fur & a...
  16. Waylandor


    hi im new here where to start.. i guess heres a little about myself, im 20 irl and my name is april but my fursona is claude. I am Australian and super interested in getting to know the aussie community but keen to know other furs in general, um i was introduced to this by my bf (who isnt a...
  17. zombietoes

    Cute Bunny Adoptables! 20$ OBO each!

    Message/comment on the submission if interested~ I totally do all kinds of design commissions too! Thanks for looking!! www.furaffinity.net: Bunny adoptables! by Zombietoes
  18. Zrcalo

    IBFC and AZFC

    Anyone in here going? I'll be tabling and its a pretty fun con imo. AZFC isnt small either. its growing pretty fast. wondering if anyone here is going.
  19. corikinz

    Furtopia | New fur discord for newbies and everyone

    Hi everyone :D Today, I'm releasing my rather new but hopefully good fur discord server! Furtopia is a discord server focused on "newbie" furs, furrys that are new to the fandom or actually interacting online. I had this idea when I actually become a fur myself, and wanted to find a place for...
  20. Harper Andreas

    cheap chibi commissions! (open)

    hey!!! so my workplace is closing for a while because of remodeling shit so i need to make some cash :'D here's what i'm offering!!! feral and furry chibis like so: sta.sh: Dd sta.sh: Cccat i'm best at canines and felines BUT i can do p much anything!! theyre 10$ each and 16$ for a couple!!! i...