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  1. zombietoes

    Posed YCH! - 20$

    Full color/basic shading and clean lines! All still open. www.furaffinity.net: Strike a Pose YCH by Zombietoes
  2. Saltamor


    Hi I'm happy to draw any of your characters. You can see my work at this link: Userpage of Saltamor -- Fur Affinity [dot] net Here's my price: ➡️Full body - 35$; ➡️Headshot - 25$ ➡️NSFW - 40-50$ ➡️Line - 10$ ➡️+background 10-15$ Telegram: @Saltamor I can draw all that you can wish for :) Do...
  3. CherryBombshell

    Art for art! Art for art!

    Wanna do a trade? I do! Slightly rendered sketch trades open! Posting some examples here as well as links to my DA and FA, just send a message on there if you are interested! Won’t be fully rendered like the ones in my examples but I would love to get some more furry or otherwise art for my...
  4. 3

    Uhhhh hi

    Heya!!! I'm a possum, and I'm new here!! Well, 7 years in FA, new here Hehe. Any Filipino furs here? OwO
  5. connortheskunk

    How to draw fur lines (video)

    Just found this on YouTube and as someone who has never drawn animals before a couple months ago this seems like it would be incredibly helpful!! Hopefully if I post it here someone else will also find it helpful, too.
  6. JoeStrike

    Fursuiters needed for “Furry Nation” photo shoot

    Hi, I’m the greymuzzle author of Furry Nation, a history of the fandom that was published last month – (see http://www.furrynation.com , dogpatch.press: Furry Nation: The True Story of America’s Most Misunderstood Subculture, by Joe Strike – review by Fred Patten. and ) Huck ( Huck Magazine –...
  7. KushFox


    Alright, fursuit makers. I'm new at asking for help about fursuit parts and commissions, so I need help. I am looking to have high-quality fox ears made that are preferably invisible banded or clip-on; and light up. I would like a specific design that I can map out for you were you to be...
  8. dogryme6

    Fidgeting with Fluff Dragons

    Here's a question I've had for ages. If there were to be furry dragons, dragons with fur, fluff dragons if you will... How do they develop? Where do they come from, how do they come to be? Seems almost like almost all dragons are scalies, but I felt like I really wanted to differentiate from...
  9. Z

    Could someone help me find this color of faux fur?

    I am trying to find some faux fur similar in color to this(hex code add8be) I can't seem to find any green faux fur that is light enough or muted enough. I want something pastel and not that vibrant. I also want it to be at least 2" preferably longer.
  10. NeecoTheWolf

    Fluff practices

    I needed to practice fluff so I went ham on just practicing doing fur.
  11. D

    My head wont fit!

    First off let me say i have a rather large, vertically inclined head. Most hats dont fit me. Because of this my fursuit head will not fit properly as it is made for a smaller person. Is there any way to fix this? I would love to know if there is a way to create extra room in the top.
  12. IvoryStag

    Help with fur?

    So I'm going to start making a bat fursuit soon and I've been doing a lot of research on fur, but I'm still unsure as to what to buy. I'm looking for a shorter fur, but I don't like that glossy look most shorter furs have. I can't shave to save my life, so I would prefer not to do that. The...
  13. OakenheelTheWolf

    Rainbow fursuit Tail!

    Auction: Rainbow fursuit tail! Starting bid is $15 USD! Closes after three bids. This is where I will sell it after someone bids highest: www.etsy.com: by ArtsyClawsWorkshops Photos: www.furaffinity.net: Auction: Rainbow Fursuit Tail! by OakenheelTheWolf
  14. StarStainedStudios

    Real Fur Headdress

    Hello everyone! I am a taxidermist/animal artist in small town Kansas. You can find my page (and more about me!) here: Userpage of starstainedstudios -- Fur Affinity [dot] net I have 3 slots for "hollow head" animal headdresses open right now! I really enjoy doing these. Turn around time is...
  15. Kanrei

    Crowdfunding for faux fur in Germany

    Hope it is ok to post that here. We have at the moment a crowdfunding for faux fur, which we want to sell in Germany. Fake fur by Kitty Fluff - Crowdfunding project - startnext.com I think this is interesting for fursuit makers in Europe, since there are not that many options to get faux fur...
  16. logansryche

    Aristide Minecraft Server

    I spoke yesterday morning about editing this when I could get to my pc, so here it is ^.^ Hello everyfur, my name's Rycon aka Logansryche. In January of this year my wife and I brought a Minecraft server online for PC furs to come and hopefully enjoy. The server features both survival and...
  17. Jayy-Dog

    Made a storyboard!

    Any other furs do animation?
  18. fauxll

    Help! looking for this fur

    help! i'm currently commissioning someone to make a partial of my character: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/22609508/ fav.me: cody fursuit head ref and we're looking around for the correct fur color for the dark part of his hair (it's also the color of his tail) this is the fur we were...
  19. Angellothefox

    The furmeet poem

    Back in the day of Furaffinity. Going though loads of furry art at would last for infinity. Though do not get me wrong I am still on the site today. So do not bash me, troll me or have anything nasty to say. I dreamed about going to a furmeet. I thought about fursuiters having a meet. I watched...
  20. Boarders0

    What does it mean?

    Each person here is drawn to the furry fandom for one reason or another. My question is this: What does it mean to be a furry, to you? is it the draw of being anonymous behind the fur? Is it a desire to be accepted? Is it your way of expressing yourself so others acn understand? or is it...