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  1. fauxll

    Help! looking for this fur

    help! i'm currently commissioning someone to make a partial of my character: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/22609508/ fav.me: cody fursuit head ref and we're looking around for the correct fur color for the dark part of his hair (it's also the color of his tail) this is the fur we were...
  2. Angellothefox

    The furmeet poem

    Back in the day of Furaffinity. Going though loads of furry art at would last for infinity. Though do not get me wrong I am still on the site today. So do not bash me, troll me or have anything nasty to say. I dreamed about going to a furmeet. I thought about fursuiters having a meet. I watched...
  3. Boarders0

    What does it mean?

    Each person here is drawn to the furry fandom for one reason or another. My question is this: What does it mean to be a furry, to you? is it the draw of being anonymous behind the fur? Is it a desire to be accepted? Is it your way of expressing yourself so others acn understand? or is it...
  4. Mitchel

    How Much Fur Do I Need?

    I'm making a full partial (head, hands, feet, tail, sleeves) of this guy www.furaffinity.net: Karl- Soon to be suit! by ProblematicVirgo How much red and white fur should I get? I am getting 1 yard of the yellow. Also how much would I need to make a full digi? I'm about 5' 8" and 160lbs. I...
  5. J

    [18+ Mostly SFW Kik Group] The Hideaway

    Currently a group of 24 members, upwards of 3-4 active at a time with sometimes up to 10 people. We're looking for mature furs who are looking to hang out and talk with a small possibility of meeting someone special. We are not a dating group nor are we a hook-up group but there's is always the...
  6. Caecus


    Yeh, just got finished him now at 1am, and decided to ask what you think. (His) right paw might be a lil' bit off. I have drawn just three or two months for now, so still much to learn. I have done some backgrounds and human facial expressions but they didn't work too well and I started to draw...
  7. S.D.O.S.

    Commission (Selling)

    Hi, During October I will be available for commissions, price range 50 to 100 USD, any kind/creature/style and type. If interested just contact me via prvt msg, thank you. Sample of a commission:
  8. DJ-woof


    just trying to make friends ^^ I've been so lonely at times <:3 I'd love to see any other artists willing to talk too!
  9. MintSolstice

    Fur Reality badge commissions! Only $10 pick up at the con!

    Badge commissions for Fur Reality! Headshots: $10 Bust:$15 Full body:$25 Can be digital or traditional! Laminated and everything! (If you are not going I am more than willing to ship them to you, but you must pay shipping!)
  10. The Llamakiin

    How could I replicate galaxy style fur?

    So, say I have a Dutch Angel Dragon fursona with blue nebula fur. I'd like to make a fur suit of it, but I don't know what kind of fur I could use! I was thinking maybe using dark blue fur and airbrushing it? I'm not sure. Help, please?
  11. UldarDragon

    Uldar Dragon (Old but new Furry)

    Hello all! I am Uldar, a South African male Dragon. Ive been a furry for almost 7 years, but never online. So this is both new and epic for me. My country isnt too keen on furs and such. So I hope I find good people here! Im sure I will ^^
  12. H

    How do you draw fur?

    So I just got a graphics tablet.. I can't do fur. Slightly important thing. I'm thinking there is probably a tool in Gimp that makes this easier. This isn't about the fuzzy edges and stuff but the colouring in of like consistent colours on the body. I need a way to make it not look like just a...
  13. crystallinecanine

    Mixed Fur Fursuits?

    Has anyone made a fursuit with the colors already mixed? Something like this. How does the patterning turn out? Does it look weird when you use these types? I want to make another fursuit with something like this but I don't know how it would turn out.
  14. DumbDeerGurl

    Should I hold off?

    Been working on my first suit and I'm wondering. Should I hold off buying the fur until I absolutely need it? Because right now I'm in the process of foaming the head still, and I'm going to start on the digitgrade legs sometime this coming July. How many yards should I get when I do need it...
  15. BunnyBrigade

    YCH Anthro - 3 slots available in Flat Color or Fully Detailed

    SFW or NSFW versions available for the pose! Two options are available on this full body 'sexy pose'. $20 Flat Color - or - $30 Full Detail - Shaded/Highlighted and lube as an option 1. OPEN 2. OPEN 3. OPEN Feel free to check out the pose in censored and uncensored versions here...
  16. FruitLoopFox

    Make yourself some custom fursona stuff!

    Just used this site to make bf a custom tank top for $0.99 -PLUS FREE SHIPPING-!!! Whaaaat!? HERE'S SOME NIFTY COUPON CODES TO MAKE YOURSELF SOME CUSTOM GOODIES! $0.99 custom mousepad with free shipping. www.artscow.com: Custom Large Mousepad Coupon code: Z099MOUSEPADZC3R5, Expires on...
  17. Angellothefox

    So What do you have in your room

    So What do you have in your room? What dose every furry have in there room If you select other please comment underneath. I have loads of dragon plushies in my room and some my little pony a couple of foxes here and there and that is on my bed. And a few more plushes somewhere.
  18. crystallinecanine

    How did your loved one react?

    I'm curious on how your loved ones reacted when they realized you were a fan of anthropomorphic animals. My own parents adore them; my mom loves the costumes and my dad appreciates the work that goes into it! I was shocked they would accept it but now I want to know how everyone else was received!
  19. fandomworldslove


    hi guys im new with the furry stuff but have been drawing for like couple years now and got recently active again, would be fun to do an art trade etc so drop a reply here and we´ll get this shit started : ))
  20. Drizzle.

    where do you guys buy really, really specific fur?

    im not talking like, really commonly used furs that you get get on basically any website that sells fabric; i mean very exact colours that only seem to be available to purchase when theyve already been made into a product (as opposed to buying the fabric itself, you can only buy items made out...