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  1. Monty Grizzle

    Wanting a full-body fat fur pic

    Pretty much what it says in the title really, I'm hoping to find someone who's willing to draw some full-body fat fur art of my fursona. While I am prepared to pay for a commission, hence why I've also posted this ad in the 'sales and auctions' section, I'm also posting it on here in case...
  2. chadack

    Minecraft Server for Furs

    Hello :D My name is Chadack and I'm the owner of ASG- Awesome Squirrel Gaming Minecraft server. Server is survival server with some up coming mini games. So far we have Mob Arena being set up at the moment. You can protect your land by claiming it and such. There is also a public Shopping...
  3. Vinny (Tpr)

    Fur Den (aka a random chat All welcome)

    Greeting's peeps this is the furries den, all are welcome, even those shy furries. this is a thread to help build connections with other fur's and just have some random fun there will be no set topic but there is a few thing's i ask of anyone who post here 1) if you have a issue with someone...