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  1. M

    Furaffinity new future ! ( uploading videos )

    Im here and I mde this account to tell Furaffinity about uploading videos , ( furaffinity is my favorite site after instagram ) seriously , new windows and mac don't support flash animations , and another users and me can't watch flash videos in furaffinity , I know furaffinity is a great web...
  2. Fiorabeast


    So recently we have had a LOT of new artists coming here and not taking the time to look around and such that they post many Free Art threads in the Art Discussion area, when... that is the wrong area to post that stuff... I didn't see anything like this for the Art and Illustration thread...
  3. ToshidoGamekaze

    Hello everyone.

    I know i've been in FurAffinity Forums for the past 5 months, and forgot to make an introduction post beforehand. ^^; so now i guess it's a good time to introduce myself here, which of course it's nice to meet you all. ^_^
  4. Dolphanatic

    How to Fix FurAffinity's Comment Editing System With One Small Tweak

    Here's a situation a lot of us have probably experienced at one point or another: Let's say you're on the main site and you post a comment on someone's art. A few minutes later, you notice that you made a mistake. Maybe you accidentally forgot some punctuation or you misspelled a couple words...
  5. Benthehornyhyena

    A little piece of advice please ?

    Hello. I have a question about the Entertainment Talk section. If we want to make a thread that talks about a video game but ALSO a tv show, where do we post it ? Tv shows and Movies, or Video Games ? Thank you in advance.
  6. Benthehornyhyena

    [shy voice] Hello !...

    Hi ! I'm new on the forum. I've been a member of FA for soon one year now, but I realized I never made a Forum account. Well, hoping I will get used to it^^'
  7. C

    How's my Art

    Now I've wondering, is my art bad? In Furry amino when I want to do an art trade, I get the same thing: "Cute, but that's not what I'm looking for" I've seen my artwork as a cartoonish style. And with that I feel many people are not going to like it. So for your opinion, What do you guys think...
  8. All#the#fuR

    Furaffinity Forums app?????

    Ok I'm sorry If you clicked on this and you thought that there was a app... There isn't.... *big sigh* I have been thinking about this for a LONG time and I thought finally I should post to see what you ass holes think. Should they make a Furaffinity/Furafinity Forums app. I think honestly that...
  9. Angellothefox

    Fur Affinity Forums Where do I find the option to join or create a group?

    I was wondering since FA forums had this a long time ago where can I go to join or create a group? Is there something I have to click in order to get there? Can someone please help me out?