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  1. OtaFox

    OtaFox, a hunter, two females and a target.

    Hello, :cool: IRL I am a young Frenchman living in the south of France one of the most beautiful corners of the world. I am a military Brigadier-Chief and I live with two beautiful women who are both furry also a vixen and a barioth (yes she is a fursona male) we live in polyamory. My fursona...
  2. secsycoot

    So... How exactly does one ''grow'' on FA at this point? ( aside from ADS )

    Was just curious if anyone has any tips honestly... Since i haven't used FA in such a long time, getting noticed by people in general seems kinda hard...? Of course i am aware that the more you post or depending on what time you post things, it helps a bit... But aside of that...? How does one...
  3. fightdragon

    Need help to find a draw (maybe comic)on FA

    I think I found it
  4. B

    Free Art: (ON HOLD) Taking Human and Feral Art Requests!

    Request Here: https://www.furaffinity.net/journal/10284931
  5. Y

    Twitter vs FA as an art platform: What's your opinion?

    Just writing a thread since I've noticed a so many artists on FA migrating to using Twitter exclusively. As someone who isn't an artist I prefer to use FA, mainly because it's easier to view someone's art, to follow their artwork and to find similar artists. Whereas Twitter is obviously a...
  6. IamPuma

    Username Change + Other thoughts

    I heard back in February 2021, that there will be username feature coming, when will it officially come out? Also there's a feature in mind that this website has and I think it would be very useful. "Remove a Watcher" option, so when you go under ur buddy list, there should be "Remove watcher"...
  7. M

    If account suspended -possible post art on backup?

    my account gotten suspended (by my own mistake, and i regret it) but i still have back-up account that i used for comments and favs can i use my backup account to publish artworks i can't post on main anymore or i can't do that because i violated FA rules on my main?
  8. JollyCooperation

    Discussion: How to present/sort your writing on FA

    I have been thinking about this issue again and again since I started posting on FA, and I have yet to reach a satisfying conclusion. It all boils down to two big questions: 1): If I want to write and publish both (hardcore) NSFW writing and SFW writing, how do I make it so people browsing my...
  9. B

    Main Site How to change username on main site

    I have read you can change your username on the main site but can not figure how or where to i really want to change my name but have no idea where to go to do so? could i get some assistance
  10. Klox

    Engagement on FA main site

    // EDIT PLEASE READ : It seems some people have misunderstood what im saying, sorry i wasnt clear ! I am not looking for advices to have more views or watchers. I am looking for advices to have more ENGAGEMENT & INTERACTION (comm, shout, chat, whatever) -like the title say. Of course, having...
  11. Hikarty

    Not sure what to do (sites and art)

    I've lately been quite fed up with twitter and instagram, which are the sites where I share my art the most (I left deviantART when it started to go down) but between awful cropping and quality, shitty algorithms, now the whole...NFT thing in which people on twitter can use your tweets without...
  12. Sonechkachizhikov

    Help with ICON (edges pixelated)

    heya! https://www.furaffinity.net/user/patreon I would like to know how to make an icon for furaffinity like this (with transparency and without pixelated borders). https://www.furaffinity.net/user/patreoniconnebula/ my icon looks like a .... I really appreciate the feedback and thanks for...
  13. L

    Digital artist/character designer⭐️

    Hey! I'm Ven/Lumyn. General freelance artist, trying to build a separate furry art following. I mainly post on FA. Most stuff also gets copied to Inkbunny (but I'm only there to hit a wider audience). My most recent adopts for an art example:
  14. Z

    How to block tags?

    Hello, im new here. I dont like some tags and i can't find tag blacklist option. It might be in setting but i can't find it. Is it possible and where i can find it? My english is bad sry(
  15. ThatProtoBoi

    Back Online!

    I may just have problems on my end, but I'm so excited that the forums are running along side the main art site! Hello world!
  16. Y

    Does anybody else find it annoying following artists on Twitter?

    With sites like Furaffinity you can check your watch list any time, which makes it easy to find any great art that you might of missed if you're gone for say a week or two. With Twitter, you have to constantly check your feed everyday to view new art or you might miss it, as the Twitter feed is...
  17. nan_nan_yakamoto

    What keeps you supporting any artist long-term?

    As an aspiring artist heavily trying to make this into a career, I would love to learn from clients, fans, and even fellow artists if they would oblige. These questions have always puzzled me or at least something I've been curious about when it comes to artist-fan relationships. Questions 1...
  18. Omny87

    Fast Gallery Transfer to Weasyl?

    I've had an account at Weasyl for a long time, but have only recently started actually using it, and I'm slowly but surely posting my FA gallery there. But at the moment it's more "slowly" than "surely". I know there used to be a special tool or software that allowed for automatic transfer of...
  19. VX666

    FA on Twitter down?

    What happened to Furaffinity on twitter? Cant reply to them and everything seems stuck Fur Affinity (@furaffinity) on Twitter
  20. M

    May we have a clear answer on the status of being able to change usernames on the main website?

    I have had this name since I made my original FA account in 2008. I changed my idea about this name about a year or two after I made it, and I've been waiting patiently for more than a decade to change this name. However, the best info I can ever seem to find about the details of any progress...