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  1. Shadowprints

    Best way to promote FurAffinity page?

    What would you say is an effective way to grow the Furaffinity pages? Out of all the art I've posted, I've managed to gain a whole 5 watchers in total. I don't expect hundreds or thousands, but I feel like I could do something to get myself out there a little more, at the same time motiviating...
  2. S

    Forum What Furaffinity should upgrades?

    Furaffinity should upgrades their block like facebook instead. The block in FA is more of a mute. Keyword block is very important to have in FA and have a better UI. FA needs to upgrade lot and have the site coding modern. Inkbuny, Weasyl and Sofurry has a updating site than FA. What...
  3. Asher Grey

    posting to FA question

    I have a question regarding the "theme" of a submission. Do most people use it? I've almost always left it blank because I'm not always sure what category it falls into. Really I'm just wondering if it's something I should be using(i.e. affects exposure, etc).
  4. Lord-Kiviniik

    Rate my Art!

    Ok so I've been wondering what quality my art is, and honestly I can't decide So here I am! Don't hesitate to roast me as long as it's constructive! But please keep it civil overall Full galleries DA : Lord-Kiviniik's DeviantArt Gallery FA (NSFW) : Artwork Gallery for Lord-Kiviniik -- Fur...
  5. Sinamuna

    [EDIT] Sinful Links

    DeviantArt: Sinamuna on DeviantArt Picarto: Sinamuna - Picarto FurAffinity: Userpage of Sinamuna -- Fur Affinity [dot] net Ferzu: Ferzu YouTube: youtube.com: SinamunaP
  6. StarryAqua

    Do thumbnails for gif submissions not work for anyone?

    I want to upload a commissioned gif and I have a custom thumbnail for it, but when it goes to the page to add title and description, the preview picture to the right doesn't show the thumbnail, but rather the last frame of the gif. I tested different pictures, at different dimensions, and all...
  7. DivinePrince

    We have a chance to advertise HARD. Let's do it!

    We ALL know at this point about tumblr's major upheaval - the banning of ALL NSFW content starting on the 17ths. This has displaced THOUSANDS of NSFW artists and artists who just want that freedom. Not just furry artists, but ALL artists are in a need for a place to post their work, and I...
  8. CertifiedCervine

    Wow, how this decade has changed

    So, I was flipping through the internet, and found this video reflecting internet memes and pop culture from around 2010-2013 I was quite suprised! I had almost forgotten about so many of these things! How time has changed! Pop culture has changed, New technology has been invented, People seem...
  9. K

    How to make my account accessible only to FA's members?

    Hey guys, I remember that FA had an option for choosing - is your account visible/accessible to anyone or only to FA's members. Now I don't find it anywhere and I think I might remember it wrong :D But if there is such an option and I'm just little bit blind or smth, then can you give me some...
  10. clawstarz

    Any active art sites like FA and DA?

    I've noticed throughout the years of using DeviantArt and Furaffinity a lot, these sites have been pretty inactive. Mostly DeviantArt than Furaffinity TBH. I've tried to browse/search other sites like mentioned sites, however, they're mostly inactive/dead/etc. Or maybe my art sucks compared to...
  11. Ratchetjak

    Do you ever feel like giving up on Art?

    I mean personally, I don't think I'll ever stop drawing because I've been doing it for so long and I do enjoy it but sometimes I just look around at other artists and see how fast they improve and get feedback on their work and then I look at my own work and I can't help but feel that I'm...
  12. Ratchetjak

    How do people build a following on Twitter? It seems impossible

    I've been on Twitter for about a year now and I haven't been able to really build a following or get much interaction with people on that site. I comment on artist's works I like trying to engage in conversation but I usually never really get responses. I've also tried sharing my art there and I...
  13. Ratchetjak

    Popular Higher Skilled Artists vs Lesser Skilled Artist ~ Need opinions/experiences!

    So I'm in the middle of making a video on my YouTube channel where I'm basically giving some advice to beginner level artist some tips on how to keep their morale to continue drawing and well, I'm at the point at talking about popular or higher skilled artists vs the lesser skilled artists and...
  14. Mosie

    How to Post on Furaffinity Page and Looky Here

    How do you post an image on fur affinty the menu is soo...wierd. like there's too much on screen, littered with so many options that idk what im doing. hope this is the right place to put this since its art related. Also Ive been trying to get my furry art away from my deviantart and more toward...
  15. Rodauce

    How to unwatch users in a mass?

    Okay, good morning/afternoon/night dearest users! Since I began in Furaffinity, I wanted to watch a lot of people (like, a lot) and see al the amazing things they could do! Well, that was almost two years ago. Right now I don't really like to watch a lot of people, and I really tried to unwatch...
  16. Rodauce

    How to unwatch users in a mass?

  17. bookfangeek

    Looking for Artists to Watch!

    Hi!! I'm new to FA and I would love to watch some more people! Feel free to post links to your account with art examples! I'll definitely give your page a look!! :D I don't have much art on here yet, but this is mine, if you're interested!
  18. Snootermelon

    Do you hate to see some non-furry art on furaffinity?

    Obviously it's a furry art site, but when an artist has both furry and human art, does it crinkle your winkle if they post the human stuff on furaffinity, too? I mean, there IS a "human" option under species and under theme, but would you rather there were strict rules against posting anything...
  19. fourur

    facebook, and furry board art , the same?

    I had facebook, I still had it , but I don't use it anymore, because of anxiety, people who live a better live than you, had this, had that , and this etc . Now I'm ok , but I experience the same user experiment on furaffinity , or other art board , there no arrogant , or " I"m better than you...
  20. Uluri

    May I ask if Beta has a future Update anytime?

    Will there be an FA Beta Update in the near future? It is completely okay if there is no update soon for the Beta Layout, I'm just curious about it. I really enjoy when it updates because I find it fun to see the changes. I also think it's interesting to read everyone's feedback on it. Ummm...