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  1. Zehlua

    Virtual Mini Con/Birthday Party

    My birthday is coming up (April 12th.) I've been battling some shitty depression and C-PTSD. I really miss conventions and hanging out with other furries. I also miss playing Furcadia. With all of that in mind, here's what I've decided to do: From April 15th-April 16th (those are my days off...
  2. P


    Anyone here play Furcadia? It was one of my first experiences with the fandom before I tried out SecondLife way back in the day before I really knew what a "furry" was. Of course, I don't remember my old login information, so I'm currently making a new account. I never understood how to actually...
  3. neondust

    Eche's Commissions . . . OPEN! {$12-$50}

  4. Zehlua

    Seeking Roleplayers! Carnival Disco Party!

    SEEKING: Comedy, romance, NSFW, and fursona RPers, as well as kind folks who like to chat and make friends! GENRES: Modern, fantasy, sci fi, romance, comedy, slice of life, erotic STORY: In a cavern beneath the surface of the moon, one wild nightspot reigns surpeme... Club Nocturne is a disco...
  5. C


    Any Furcadia - and in particular, Dragonlands continuity - players on here? For the curious. Furcadia - Furcadia - Furcadia Dragonlands - Overview - Furcadia
  6. bloomshine

    succulents, cacti, aquatic + carnivorous plants?! VIKSIRA doll adopt -- $5 (1 of 10)

    officially kicking off my species the VIKSIRA! plant // sansevieria coat & characteristics // red fox -- impeccable tracking skills, creative tendencies, bit of a loner. the original ten designs will be half off the usual price of the dolls, so ENJOY + SPREAD THE WORD. zzellaa on DeviantArt
  7. W


    Hi, I'm Wiren, I'm a dreamweaver(map builder/scripter) in Furcadia and I figured I'd share my most recent project for people outside to see.
  8. Zehlua

    Club Nocturne: Disco Carnival

    Genres: Romance, Comedy, Fantasy, Modern, Sci-Fi, Friendship, Slice of Life, Erotic. Can be casual and short-term or involved and long-term, depending on your play preference. Story: In a cavern beneath the surface of the moon, a wild and funky dance club opens its doors to the creatures of the...
  9. coonce

    every now and then someone pays me to sketch something cute...

  10. Zehlua

    Bat, nb, 23, fursuiter

    Heya guys! I'm a bat furry looking to make some friends! I'm in a closed relationship with my sweetheart, and I thought it would be nice to give people a heads-up on that! If you need to know anything about my boundaries and preferences, I posted a helpful list not too long ago...