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  1. G

    Looking for a Friend for Anthrocon 2019

    Hey guys im back and better than ever! My mom has confirmed our first trip to Antrocon this year! My partial is a wip so ill probably only go in my head, but i was wondering it anyone would like to share a room or something! Mostly looking for younger furs or females, that should be self...
  2. Paprika Gremlin

    Being a minor, but not being able to tell, what I'm worried about.

    Hi, I'm Paprika. This year I got my first fullsuit at age 16. This year I'll be wearing her to two conventions; an anime con and a fur con, both in Texas. However I'm scared. I've heard stories about some people being a little too touchy, about asking weird things and such. And even...
  3. Joshua Kaleb

    What’s the worst situation that had to go through at a furry convention?

    im not sure if this has ever been asked on here before but what’s the most awkward situation that you had to sit through at either a fur-meeting or furry convention in your life?
  4. Spacenerd77

    Any South Carolina Conventions?

    I'd like to go to a convention but can't afford a room and admission for my company and I. Does anyone know if there are any in South Carolina so that I wouldn't have to pay on a room? Preferably ones that allow minors.