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  1. agris

    =McMinnville Oregon Furmeet=

    =McMinnville Oregon Furmeet= Where: Wallnut City Lanes 1800 SW East St, McMinnville, OR 97128 Lane24 When: Saturday December 4, @ 2pm local time (2021-12-4) Duration is 2 hours What: Bowling How: RSVP Required. RSVP form will close 30 minutes before event RSVP here...
  2. Cupid_Kitty21

    Are there any furmeets or furries around Ithaca/ Cortland Area?

    I am the only furry I know around my area and would love to meet or chat with some. I am currently working on my first fursuit head. Do you have a fursuit?
  3. UwUCarlaUwU

    To the people who have hung out together in their suits

    if you have a suit, and a bunch of furry friendo's, if you did meet up, what did you do for fun? bowling? going to the park? visiting places?
  4. Furries of Indiana

    Successful furmeet!

    My first time hosting a furmeet turned out well! We had this meet in Bloomington, IN There are two more furmeets coming up this month in our state...one will be in the South Bend area and the other in Crawfordsville Indiana. We are always looking to bring more furries together to help grow...
  5. Nihles

    Today, I said "Yes" to Life

    Anybody who has ever tried improv acting knows that the most interesting scenes occur when you say "Yes, and..." to whatever is going on. Today, I met with a fellow forum goer who lived in the area and we had a lovely conversation and hopefully a new friend. I'm really glad I said screw it and...
  6. RymrWolf

    My First Furmeet

    Yesterday, July 21st, I went to my first furmeet, it was at the same time intensely nerve-wracking and incredibly exciting. The plan was to meet up and fursuit outside of ComicCon in the downtown/Gaslamp area. I had gotten to the staging area a bit and the wait for the others was...
  7. Water Draco

    SurreyFurs Revival Meet March 24th 2018 (UK)

    The SurreyFurs Revival Meet March 24th 2018, and will be taking place at The Star Inn, 2 Quarry Street, Guildford, GU1 3TY. 12:00 to 17:00. I believe that a function room has been booked for this. Looks like I may be working that day but thought to post the details here just in case others...
  8. 134

    I've got a questions for you!

    So I was invited to a furmeet by a Furry from a german furry forum I'm active on... I don't know him, I've never had any contact to another furry. So should I accept the invitation? Why I'm asking you? I do not talk much to people I don't know and I'm scared that I just stand in the corner and...
  9. Sarachaga

    Furmeet in Melbourne

    Since summer is upon us, would anyone in Melbourne(Australia ) be interested in some sort of furmeet?
  10. anileu

    PNW Fur Meets [Oregon & Washington]

    Hello! I am the found of PNW Furs. I am currently working on expanding our group and seeking new members! Let me tell you a little about this. We have our main group on Facebook. There we have several furs from all over! Washing & Oregon mostly, but lots in Northern California, Idaho, Montana...
  11. The Jaffa Wolf

    FurMeet Inverness

    Is there one ? , Do You want one ? , Let's make one of there isn't one .
  12. still_human1020

    Im lonely-md groups?

    hi there, I'm kinda interested in going to a meet or something, and maybe making friends. Is there a main online Maryland group where people talk about&make arrangments at? What about for plain old chat? Thanks for any&all help. I'm not really sure if this is the place for this post, so if u see...
  13. still_human1020

    I'm lonely-md fur groups

    hi there, I'm interested in maybe going to a meet or something, and hopefully making friends. Is there some main Maryland online community thingee I could join, where people make plans and announcements? (What about a group chat one, too?) I dunno if this is where I should b asking, so if u see...
  14. Inferno

    Belleville Furries - First Meet'n'Greet

    Hey guys! I recently started up a Belleville Furries Community, hoping to reach out to those in the Belleville + Surrounding Areas! On Saturday, June 10th @ 12pm EST - Belleville Furries will be meeting up throughout the day! I am a Volunteer/Volunteer Photographer for Belleville Pride...
  15. twistedGenisis

    Savannah Furmeet?

    Hey there guys, I'm really new to this community, but I do have a friend who's been here for a while... She and I have decided to try and host a Furmeet!! It would be in Savannah, Georgia on May 13th 2017 at Forsyth Park. This is a pre-ad because I want to see if anyone is interested. You...
  16. Cindermin

    Dutchess County/ Poughkeepsie NY furs?

    The community seems kind of dormant and spread far apart in my area. The nearest Meets are something like 3+ hrs away. I see there have been Fur meets in the past here. But they are all from years ago. So unable to find any... I'm thinking of trying to organize something if I can get the Okay...
  17. D

    Why do some furs need to be like this (small rant)

    So basically we had a recent meetup with people from our local modest sized furry fandom (around 40-50 people came grand total in the span of 3 days). It was all fine and dandy until the last say when after some thermal bath we went to a teahouse. Now basically the way it works at that place is...
  18. Angellothefox

    UK Leeds Furmeet

    I am hosting a furmeet on the 14/1/2017:) Be aware as well that this is a bar we will be going to so if anyone is not over the age of 18 might be asked to leave! We will meet at the train station at WHSmith at 1.50pm and then we will make our way to the bar. The bar that we are going to is...