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  1. N

    What would your reaction be if real Furries (not fantasies, but flesh and blood) suddenly appeared in the world? what would happen in your vision?

    What would your reaction be if real Furries (not fantasies, but flesh and blood) suddenly appeared in the world? what would happen in your vision?
  2. VrasXaalka

    Art Trade: Art / Custom Trades (Unlimited Slots)

    Samples I'm looking for art of multiple of my characters, they should all be in this tag. I can offer anything you see in my gallery, including anything listed on my commissions page. This means ref sheets, sketch pages, fullbodies, etc. I can also offer characters as well. I can work with some...
  3. Spacemuttt

    (Other) Selling: HQ ARTPACK 300$

    Hi!! I am selling a 300$ artpack! I provide frequent communication + updates for HQ art! 35 fully finished pieces!! 2 slots left Turnaround: 3-4 months Payment method can be discussed Further communication can be through any social media (or email!) (Most active on Instagram, discord, and...
  4. ColdSoul

    50% OFF COMMISSION! £5 upwards....

    COMMISSION GUIDE NOW 50% OFF ALL COMMISSIONS! (so that's 50% off the prices you see above) Hello! Good news I am now looking to rent my own home! I have been saving for a while but it’s still going to cost a lot of money to pay the tenant fees. So, for now, all commissions are half price to...
  5. S

    Canadian Furry Discord Server

    A discord server for Canadian Furries. We have various channels including art channels, Gaming channels, etc. Discord - Free voice and text chat for gamers We are still fairly new, so not many members yet.
  6. Francchi

    Commissions! Humans, anthros, ponies, ferals etc. ($6-$20)

    Hello! Francchi here, ready to take up some commissions! As mentioned above, I can do all sorts of stuff humans (old, young, skinny, muscular, male, female, anything p much), anthros, ponies, as well as ferals (not very experienced with them, but I know the basics of animal anatomy and I trust...
  7. Ypher

    Digital Artist Available for Work

    Hello! I'm open for commissions. I do lots of fantasy themed art, but I can adapt my style for any of your needs. I also accept a large variety of themes! Categories and Info Some of My Work Email: yaraferreira@gmail.com Don't be afraid to ask anything if you have any question! I'll be more than...
  8. OpticFurry

    Nsfw artist Vs. Everyone

    so it has come to my attention that FurAffinity isn't really big on adult art works.. but there is countless artist on this form and website who creating amazing art that gets little kids all riled up . My question on the issue of not safe for work is.. What the fuck is the big deal? just...
  9. Botticella89

    Open for Commissions

    **Botticella89's Commission Info!** Welcome! **Slots Open: 3 I'm willing to do just about anything sfw wise. Bring on the fluff! However, if you wish something nsfw related, there are somethings I am not comfortable with please see my furaffinity page for details on that. **PRICING** LINE...