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  1. Maslicko

    Furries IN MY DREAMS

    Im still thinking about furries, in almost my every dream i see them, it's happening for about 2-5 weeks i don't remember when exactly it started, my dream today was some kind of "party" i saw 2 furries and 3 more people talking about them, in one of the dreams i've actually weared fursuit and...
  2. D


  3. Kitcatmilk

    (Commission) Selling: ($25+) NSFW furry commissions $25.90

    +$10.90 for backgrounds +$20.90 for additional characters +$5.90 for clothes and accessories I have added the second picture as an example of what my painted art looks like, these are going to be tests to see how well my furry art comes out painted, haven’t done them in about four years now...
  4. Neigh-Ella

    (Commission) Selling: ($35+) Emergency DnD/Character Ref Commissions CLOSED! ( 3 Slots )

    Thank you for the support everyone!! All slots have been claimed. Hi all! Opening up some very quick commissions up before university starts up again in March. While these commissions are geared toward DnD characters, I can do any other sort of tabletop character or theme! Just be sure to state...
  5. Monosuki the Aurian

    More on Aurians and Monosuki

    Heya folks! I was wondering something. For those that may know the anime Fairy Tail, I have a sona who is a small blue cat, (colors will be revised soon) who looks awful close to happy. Just take my PFP for example. He's around three feet tall, is supposed to have cartoonish white and black...
  6. N

    Furries Became Real?!!

    describe this scenario: our Furries suddenly start to appear overnight in our time, in our world, you see on the news, what happens? what is your reaction what will happen to the world?
  7. Furvok

    (Commission) Selling: We have open commissions

    Hi everybody! :D Our studio has open commissions! :3 This is one of the examples of the beautiful illustrations that they do, if you are interested send me a message to give you more examples or give you a price of any commission that interests you. You can also visit our profile in FA to see...
  8. Onegina_T

    (Base/YCH) Selling: furry m/m YCH waltz (OPEN/ unlimited slots/ set price) from 11 to 80 USD

    any hairstyle, any clothes, any colors, any facial expressions... any species apart from feline and canine PRICES 11 USD = colorless 13 USD = sketch with light colors 16 usd = black and white line-art 20 USD = flat colors 30 usd = colored with shadows and lights 35 usd = full color with shadows...
  9. R

    Vioko Moonlight, the Demon BloodFox

    Okie then. I like all these ideas about sonas and such. and I never realized that I never publicly showed my sona! So, here's to that. Name: Vioko Moonlight Age: Twenty Two Gender: Male Species: Bloodfox (Custom Species) Abilities: Many, will be named in the bio. Aliases: The Demonic...
  10. S

    Why the hate on bronies?

    I don't see them as a problem hell my little cousins love mlp or mlp friendship is magic. Well tell me why so that I could understand better and please no hate just reason and understanding with a compassion heart.
  11. Chomby

    How many furries exist in 2020?

    Does anyone know of any reputable and recent sources that say? It was estimated that there were 2.8 million furries worldwide from the Summer 2011 International Furry Survey, but that was 9 years ago. I know this fandom keeps growing and growing at a faster rate, so my guess is the number is...
  12. ~SiO

    Request: Bored? Need something to draw? Take my babes!

    Hey peeps! Are you bored? Have nothing to draw? Want to practice on someone else's character? You're at the right place then! I'm offering my characters as little dummies for you to pick and experiment on them freely! No restrictions! Any kind of art and skill level is welcome! Only hook? You...
  13. S

    any ideas for humans vs furries

    i really love shadow of mordor i wanted to make a humans and athro animals well this is personal so you might get the idea and forgive me if this offend yall. I really wanted to make this into a comic but im afraid that it will upset the readers. most of my art is mostly humans and bloodfusers...
  14. Memainc

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: [AUCTION/OPEN]Mafia Bull #1 -- SB: $60 / AB1 : $200

    MAFIA BULL AUCTION OPEN This guy is really bad and it's looking for someone who can handle him! SB: $60 usd MI: $2 usd AB1: $200 AB2: $320 Owner: You'll get: -The .psd file a full resolution -Full body -Nsfw version -Options like: Remove the scars or underwear -File without watermark...
  15. DuckyDeathly

    (Commission) Selling: *Cartoony Commissions - Humans, Anthros, Monsters, More! * ~ [$15+ - $35+]

    Hi everyone! My name is Ducky and I would like to draw something for you! I'm able to draw humans, furries/anthros, monsters, fantasy creatures, and much more! Here are some examples of my work: You can check out more examples of my work on my FA page and DeviantArt. (My FA page includes...
  16. KD142000

    Any British furs out there?

    So there WAS a thread for UK furs to sound off, but it hasn't been posted in since around May, last year. Here's another one, then, to avoid necro! So, any British furs out there in the forums I haven't yet found? Would be nice to find some more! I personally live in Leeds, England. Which part...
  17. DuckyDeathly

    (Commission) Selling: ~ *Cartoony Commissions - Humans, Anthros, Monsters, More! * ~ (Updated Pricing!) [$15+ - $35+]

    Hi everyone! My name is Ducky and I would like to draw something for you! I've recently updated my commission prices so I wanted to create an up-to-date post to reflect said updates! I'm able to draw humans, furries/anthros, monsters, fantasy creatures, and much more! Here are some examples of...
  18. driftingdragon

    Calling all music fan furs out there! (TOP 5 MUSIC-RELATED QUESTIONS)

    You all must know I'm listening to 2Pac on the first day of this decade, this song to be exact and over like twenty years things are still kinda screwed up, hindsight is an incredible thing. So here are a few questions for all you music fans out there, to start out the new year! 1) What are...
  19. P

    Furries & Pups of Missouri NSFW 18+ Telegram Group

    Hi! There is a new telegram group called Furries & Pups of Missouri NSFW 18+ We try to promote fairness and a pleasant experience. Nudes and yiff are allowed, and you're free to act like an adult. There is no user hate, or unfair policies by the admins. So you can be yourself and have fun! To...
  20. StudioDogfish

    (Commission) Selling: Commissions NSFW/SFW $15-$55 Please help!

    Hello everyone! I am working on doing Commissions right now because im having some difficulty paying bills due to the holidays so please check my work out! Here are my commission details! www.furaffinity.net: Commission Info! by StudioDogfish