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  1. Angellothefox

    (You will probably need to move this) I am looking for a FREE artist at will

    DO NOT WORRY ABOUT THIS TOO MUCH! I ANTECEDENTLY PUT IT IN THE WRONG FORUM CATEGORY! I am looking for a free abdl or babyfur artist at will draw my fursona well one of them. Is anyone on Furaffinity taking Free commissions or doing babyfur or abdl free commissions or even free YCH babyfur or...
  2. Jazz Panther

    Any Inflation furries here?

    Is there anybody on here, representing the inflation fetish area of the fandom? I want to know if there is anybody in the forums who also likes inflation.
  3. HoneyBonnieBunny

    Bunny's Commissions! Ponies, Furries, Dragons, and OCs!

    Commissions are open! I can take 3 at a time so right now all slots are open! My Little Pony Any canon character (from any generation) as well as OCs and custom ponies! For more pony examples check out my Deviantart. http://honeybonniebunny.deviantart.com/ Custom ponies are $7-10 depending on...
  4. ShokuxToki

    Hello There! ^_^

    Hi everyone!! My name's Beca (aka ShokuxToki or Shoki for short) and I'm starting to ease my way into the furry community! I've been a furry fan for several years already and have always enjoyed anthros. I didn't really know what furries were until I was about 12ish or so, I just new that I...
  5. Darklunac

    Opening commissions! (animals, furries, pokemons, dragons)

    Officialy opening commissions! I’ll take one or two at a time for now! Lineart: 15$ Colored illustration: 30$ Additions: - 5$ For additional character (Up to 4 by pictures) - 5 à 15$ for a background. Background A 5$ background would be one or two objects like a tree, a chair etc. A 15$...
  6. Angellothefox


    Gosh you have no Idea how much I missed these when they got taken down. I only just realiszed they was up moments ago so this is a fantastic surprise for me:D I think you can create groups on this or you could last timeo_O Hopefully it will be pretty good to see everyfur again:)
  7. L

    Newbie [?]

    Heyyy. I think I'm starting to get into the furry scene. I don't know. I used to think it was basically a fetish type thing, but I started watching videos on YouTube and what not, and my perception of furries has changed drastically. Especially watching Majira and . But I still don't really...
  8. T


    Hello everyone! I made a thread before but it wasn't really done well or sorted out correctly. I'm trying to a better one now in hopes it'll actually take off, because like everyone else in the world, I need money, and I'm willing to do artwork for it. Most of my examples are of human-esque...
  9. M

    What is your favorite furry music/music video?

    My favorite is currently, but i also like thatdancingdog. I pretty much like most furry related videos :)
  10. M

    Help with furry minecraft skin

    Hello there! I've been having some problems while making a minecraft skin for my fursona, I was wondering what do i do? I'm horrible at art/pixelart so it could be great if someone could help :)
  11. Fureviews

    Fureviews Gaming - Video Let's Plays!

    Hello thar! :D Me and my partner have been running a YouTube Let's Play channel called Fureviews Gaming. The idea behind this is to create funny Let's Play video's about old and otherwise forgotten video games, while providing commentary with our unique 'furry' twist. :p We record the video's...
  12. Suki262

    NSFW Artist

    Hiya I'm and I am a furry/manga artists for hire and is interested in helping you guys with what you want! What I DO draw: Furries/Ponies Anime/manga style Mechas Aliens Porn/BDSM Comics What I DON'T draw: Child Pronz Prego/Feet/Diaper Fetishes Gore (sexualized) My prices are simple...
  13. Suki262

    Digital Commissions (4 Slot)

    For more information on the rules and the prices for my services, check out this link here http://suki262.deviantart.com/journ.....lots-590820018
  14. DuckyDeathly

    ~ *Affordable Cartoony/Anime Commissions Open!* ~

    Hi everyone ~ My name is Ducky. I'm new around here! I wanted to spread my commissions around! I am able to draw humans, anthros/furries, monsters, and other fantasy creatures! More details are located here on my deviantart, but i'll post the info here as well for easy access. Sketch Base...
  15. Zrcalo

    Beginner foam fursuit heads!

    So I'll be teaching my girlfriend how to make foam heads. Thing is, I already have a fiberglass resin head that's nearly done. I was wondering if someone wanted to buy it completed (its a canine head) so I could input money into training my girlfriend. Not only that, but what is the current...