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  1. Zeibei

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: ADOPTABLES FOR SALE ($10-$15)

    First time posting on the forums here so hopefully I cover everything! Currently selling adopts starting at $10 or $15 depending on the complexity of the design through Dealer's Den. Most of the info on the adopts is placed on the individual adopts description on the site to each adopt above the...
  2. ReeseCapeesh

    What are good sites to go to where i can chat and talk with other furries about anything?

    So.... i tried going to meetups but it seems like their not super frequent and they usually all the way across the city. I'm looking for a way to daily or weekly talk with and make friends with other furs, and obviously the internet is what we have at our disposal 24/7. i tend to be at my best...
  3. Alma-Abyss

    (Base/YCH) Selling: YCH NSFW AUCTION (Bathing)

    Hey, yall, I would like to share my first YCH NSFW auction going on! This auction ends in 5 days unless someone autobuys it then it is over! ^_^ Bathing YCH - YCH.art (NSFW link) There are two slots, one is clothed and the other one is unclothed! RULES! - Anything that is related to furries...
  4. SpiritualAngelWolf

    Furry Discord Server!

    Are you looking for a smaller furry community with fewer members? Would you like to try something new out? Well then, you are on the right post! I am posting this to advertise a furry community that is small and well centralized. What this furry community has to offer is the following: Great...
  5. Puuki.milk

    Cheap Commissions are Open

    Hello! I´m a young furry artist. This are my prices: Headshot: 10€ Halfbody: 15€ Fullbody: 20€ Ref sheet: 25€ Here are also some examples from my art! For more pictures looked at my Instagram: instagram.com/puuki.milk
  6. wagglebug

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: Adoptables under $15.

    Selling some adopts I made! Right now I only have two, but I'll post more as I make them! Payment is Paypal only and in USD. Once you buy an adoptable from me, you get rights to do whatever you'd like with the design! You can gift it, use it as your own character, name it. However you cannot...
  7. C

    RP Ad! Genrees & Interests

    I have had minimal success finding new rp partners her, so I shall a list of rp genres, fandoms, etc, so that i might make a few new rp friends and comrades. Genre: Fantasy/Medieval/Tabletop/Romaance/Apocalyptic/Post...
  8. 00099988drak

    Looking for RP on FA

    I'm looking for who want to RP with me and my ocs. I do comedy and adventure. I'd like to also time travel. I may do NSFW but only with a female and your oc is also female. If interest let me know. I will only do RP on FA with notes.
  9. Olsie

    (Commission) Selling: Demons to furries, demon furries? Oc/fursona/persona Portraits starting at 20USD!

    Hi there this is Kimber on FA, I hope I'm doing this right, this is my first time signing up in the forums and I'd like to promote what I can do for you. I'm in a bit of a rough spot with finances and would like to offer my skills to pay the bills (and spoil my furbabies) I've been doing...
  10. Kade ZKing

    (Other) Selling: Furries Commissions Open

    Commissions are now Open. I can only draw furries OCs I can draw basic backgrounds if you'd like just tell me what backround you'd like. I can only use Paypal as it's easier to send and receive money. I will NOT draw NSFW, nude, bondage, fetish, blood/gore and violence, or gay boys...
  11. Mewmento

    Omegle Furry Shenanigans

    I have started to work on YouTube videos to improve my own public speaking skill in real life. After an hour of being on omegle -- this was the result. Let me know what you think!
  12. azureclover

    Ornament YCH - $5 any species

    Decided to make some little tree ornaments for christmas this year, turned it into a ych. $5 USD (paypal only) any species, outfit of your choice (if outfit is too complex I charge an additional fee) anyone who purchases will also be part of a suprise community picture I plan on making around...
  13. MiroTheFox

    Sealer Assist Demo Available!

    Hey everyone, for the past few years i have been working (mostly alone) on a game. its called Sealer assist, its about a moon elf who registered with a local monster "Sealing" group. and was about to set off on his first few missions when a group of humans kidnapped their brother. Its set on...
  14. C

    Possible return to unironic internet

    www.reddit.com: r/surrealmemes - [META] I created an analysis of postmodernism in memes This reddit post is (surprisingly) informative and thought provoking. It essentially says that we're going to go back to that old style of meme that wasn't a commentary or mockery of anything. In the...
  15. R176

    Furry Minecraft Server! play.fauxpaws.com (1.13.1)

    Hey! R176 here, and we've been working really hard on a brand new furry-based minecraft server over the last few weeks, and we're looking to expand our friendly little community! Allow me to introduce Faux Paws! Currently we are running on Minecraft version 1.13.1 with plans to update to...
  16. F


    so ive recently started a webcomic with furries in it. big suprise. and i must say its a lot harder to compete with other comics. especially the anime ones. since anime is such a huge fanbase. and furry is such a niche one. im looking to turning to the community to help get some people looking...
  17. Skychickens

    Opinions of "Soft Furs"

    You know the furs/characters/etc where they're mostly human with a few small animal traits? I was just wondering what people thought of them. I have a handful of characters like that and I should really draw them more...but anyway. For me it depends on the style/setting. Sometimes I prefer...
  18. Jojer

    Where are these people that DON'T want gift art of their fursona?

    I've always been curious to hear from someone who does not want gift art of their sona. It's not common that I come across a profile page explaining that the owner of the gallery doesn't accept gift art so when I see it, I always wonder in my head what awful art they may have received in the...
  19. Moar Krabs

    What would you call a insect furry?

    You've probably seen at least 1 insect fursona on this site (in case you haven't, you have now seen me). The thing is, they aren't specifically called something in the community Furry: Anything mammalian or with fur Scalie: Lizards or Dinosaurs (scales) Avians: Birds (feathers) But what would...
  20. BlairTheSergal

    Any Iowa furs?

    Any Iowa furs? If so comment!