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  1. grunesdragon

    Has anyone tried re-furring a Spirit Halloween moving jaw mask?

    I'm interested in the Spirit Halloween moving jaw wolf/fox masks, as their form and vision are pretty good compared to the heads I've tried to make, but obviously, their biggest falling is the fur (and ears). Has anyone tried ripping off the fur and redoing it? I have one from last year that I...
  2. RottenAlice

    Help! Trying to tape/fur a resin head

    So i have a fox Dreamvisions Creations resin head ready to be tapped up for the pattern, but no matter how many times I try I can't seem to get the pattern right. This is about the 4th time I've tried making the pattern and it should be easy since all the fur is white meaning no other markings...
  3. sanssoucistudios

    Hand Sewing vs Machine Sewing- thoughts?

    I'm working on my second head, and one of the improvements I want to make over my first head is fur that fits more closely to the resin base, so it obscures its form less. (Here's pics of my first head: <a href="Meet Max, the very first furry mask made by Sans Souci...
  4. O

    Fursuiters who can do furring commissions

    I'm searching for fursuit makers who do furring commissions. Saving money by making my own head but I suck at sewing and I also do not have a sewing machine. Can anyone point me to some makers? I feel rude asking them. Head is toony styled.
  5. MakTheHedge01

    Furring help?

    Ok so I sewed my patterns for my fursuit feet but I'm fretting about gluing it down. Should I sew the entire pattern before gluing? Or glue down one pattern at a time. I rly don't want pieces of foam showing if I do the second because that's what happened to my fursuit head. Any pointers, guys...
  6. fuluchan

    (Artistic Liberty) Head Base to be Furred

    I have a fursuit head base that hasn't been furred yet. I commissioned the base initially for a dark purple alpaca character, but I will now leave the head design up to the artist. I'm open to all species and color options. Some of the base is lined with fleece, but I didn't do a great job so...