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  1. slowtwn

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: toyhouse purge

    sales folder please don't go outside the folder, i only accept paypal usd / gbp if i don't respond soon, contact me on instagram ! ( @_slowtwn ) if not you could also comment on toyhouse please make sure to have a toyhouse account before you claim a character i have a tos for my own designs...
  2. CuteVixen

    Questions about fursuit whiskers

    Hi! just out of curiosity, I have some questions about fursuit whiskers since I plan on making a cat fursuit (who is an oc and not a fursona) as my second fursuit :> I was wondering what materials are made for fursuit whiskers? Has anyone made them with scoubi strings before? Is scoubi strings...
  3. Shae

    °°$5 Headshots°°

    Starting to do Headshots for $5^^ Payment: Cashapp Only^^ Will do: Furries, Human, Humanoids, Gore, Etc.... Will NOT do: NSFW or FETISHES! Comment below if interested^^
  4. Andie

    I'm New!

    Hi! My name is Andie and I'm New here uwu, I was looking to make some new friends! I love watching cartoons, reading web comics, playing video games, and writing stories! I'm kinda shy but I promise I'm super nice once you get to know me XD
  5. IdleAmnesiac

    (Commission) Selling: $10 monochrome sketches~

    I'm up to doing some sketches in order to raise some funds and reach my goal for this year, and these are very fun and quick to make! Each sketch comes in the form of thigh-ups, will be filled in with either one color or a gradient (2 colors), lightly shaded and highlighted and will wear...
  6. uwuabolisher

    Relationships with a furry

    Recently, my girlfriend told me she was a furry. It was something I had despised in past, but I loved her too much to break off our relationship over something as trivial as that. I totally support her participation in furry art and interaction with the furry community, but the idea of her...
  7. foxyonmolly

    Limitless Open Commissions! Headshot, Half Body and Full Body + stickers

    Commissions are open under the following prices! Headshot - $10 Half Body - $20 Full Body - $30 Sticker prices are negotiated based on demand. NSFW versions have a price markup which can be discussed and negotiated in PMs. Can do both colorized and B&W offers, for B&W we can negotiate...
  8. keridgers

    Hi here! This is open commissions!:)

    This is examples of my artworks and sketches in any styles! My priece started from 30$ Here you can see any nudes and adult artworks: Artwork Gallery for Keridger -- Fur Affinity [dot] net and any artworks: Keridger's DeviantArt Gallery In this 35$ In this 40$(but here is only sketch) In this...
  9. F1uffy.Chips

    Can somebody draw my friend?

    Hi! I was wondering if anyone can draw my friend! I would like him to be in feral form! heres a picture of him i tried to draw Light blue, blue stripes on back. Has a ice eye(lighter blue) and a fire eyes(orange) Name: Jay Species: Cat/Wolf Hybrid Gender:Male Age:16 Likes:Music, sleeping...
  10. F1uffy.Chips

    Cheap and Quick fursuit maker?

    Are there any fursuit makers that can make tooney partials relatively quickly, and for a less-expensive price?I don't really have a lot money to buy a normal fursuit and i really want to know if there are a cheap and quick fursuit maker
  11. Phr0ggy_Phangs

    How to improve, as a community: What do you think?

    I honestly am only making this to see everyone's view points, on the community. So we all can have a discussion about furries without starting a huge flame war because someone disagrees with someone, because how dare someone disagree with your opinions? Anyways! Passive Aggressiveness aside...
  12. FluffyPanda

    Furry shopper

    Hi is there anyone who would like to sell a fursuit
  13. perkky

    Advice for a beginner fursuit maker??

    I'm making a fursuit over spring break and I need advice. (also does anyone know what the fursuit head base is made out of?? and what its called??)