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furry artist

  1. Lynar

    Tips on stablishing a following? (Discussion)

    Hi everyone! I would love to hear artists of all sorts or simply any of you who has developed a following on any social media, share some tips or analyze what you think made you grow and get yourself out there. If you are like me and don't have a following yet, please do share your point of...
  2. UrsoUrsinhoUrsao

    New to the fur affinity forums

    Hello guys, I'm Lobito an nsfw and sfw artist based on Twitter and telegram! I'm looking for a place to share my works OwO I'm a big bear guy and i like reading a lot ☺️ I have good prices and I'm very friendly let's talk a lil
  3. Katy

    Commissions are open! (Furry and more, people, complex characters, NFV)

    I'm new here, so I'm looking for customers for my work. You can see all my art in my profile! This is my profile: https://www.furaffinity.net/user/-ledykatymoor-/ Commission from 40 -100$
  4. S


    Hi! I didn't just wanna say "I'm new here" because that's a little obvious so here I am, poppin' in to say hello! I JUST started drawing furry art, but I'm a multi media artist currently learning Blender, and trained in the Adobe Suite, so I hope you look forward to what I have to offer :) You...
  5. MillerFurry

    Need a help

    Recently registered on Twitter but absolutely do not know what to post there... I could post my furry art but I do it for a long time and no one will be interested in sitting for a week or more waiting to see my work. What can I use Twitter for? :(
  6. D

    Looking for Art Trades

    I'm opening up a few trade slots, so drop a comment if you're interested! Highest priority for mailable badge trades♡ You can view my gallery here. 1. Open 2. Open 3. Open
  7. Arlethallan

    (Commission) Selling: Human and anthro commissions starting at 10$

    Hello all, i'm a lil short on cash so time to open up commissions! Please pm me or comment below if you are interested. Payment will be through paypal,and will be half before i start and half before i send the high res file. I have a bunch of options, please take a glance and let me know if...
  8. msseerie


    If you are interested, feel free to message me~! I also have instagram @msseerie • Instagram photos and videos and furaffinity Userpage of msmechpen -- Fur Affinity [dot] net
  9. Wolf Maiden

    Painted Portaits

    These are Hesitantly Priced Portraits! Head-shot ~ $40-60 Bust ~ $60-80 Portrait ~ $80-100 (based on time it takes) *Warning: These may take up to 3 days to complete!*
  10. catcoins

    catcoins' artworks

    Hi there! I'm new to this site and I want to show off my art to get more watchers and friends! My name's Dez, and I'm 21 years old. I draw since I was a little kid, and I've started drawing digitally in 2009. I hope you like my art! ^o^ I mostly draw animals, and furries! I can do chibis, icons...
  11. keridgers

    Hi here! This is open commissions!:)

    This is examples of my artworks and sketches in any styles! My priece started from 30$ Here you can see any nudes and adult artworks: Artwork Gallery for Keridger -- Fur Affinity [dot] net and any artworks: Keridger's DeviantArt Gallery In this 35$ In this 40$(but here is only sketch) In this...
  12. PixelAnnex

    pixelannex commissions [OPEN]

    hey there! i'm new to the forums but i've been a member on FA for a while now. i recently quit my day job and am now doing commissions full time! i'm currently having a sale on ref sheets, %10 off if you currently already have a visual reference for your character and need an update or...
  13. Imaranx

    No fetish / kink limits! Commissions open!

    NO FETISH/KINK LIMITS!! I can draw anything you want! I can make 100% anonymous/private commissions! Prices are for a pic with one character and no background! Characters from two+ and background pays extra. ♥ Sketch ♥ 5 Euros + Background 5 Euros + Extra character 5 Euros + Comic page 5...
  14. pupsicle-c

    Introductory Post - Hello Fellow FA Forum Users !!

    Howdy, everyone! My name is Sugar the Fennec Fox (just Sugar for short!) & I'm fairly new to these forums! I've already looked over the Forums General Rules, but if there's any additional advice you've got to share with a newbie, please feel free to do so! I'm 20 years-old (turning 21 in...
  15. leo-ravioleo

    10 SLOTS OPEN (Icons/Badges/Illustrations/Ref sheets 10$-200$)

    I have ten slots open for commissions! That means ten slots total, for sketches, full color and reference sheets! I also have a waiting list of 5 slots! Whats the waiting list? Well if I get my other commissions done early. I will work on those in my waiting list before opening up for more...
  16. kemo_the_kitty

    Heyo! I've made another song I'd like to have some criticism/opinions about it

    It's Trap, just saying before hand lol This is my second song that I release under the name of Kemo (yay). It actually took me too long to get it to a point where I liked everything from this song. But you know, I want see if something's missing or some tips :3. Any kind of support (sharing...