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furry commission

  1. SaltyCery

    (Commission) Selling: ($50+) 50$+ Painted Headshots Commissions 0/3

    50$ Per Character. Background is an additional 5-10$ depending on complexity. I take PayPal. Turnaround time of 3-14 days. Example:
  2. sinomis

    (Commission) Selling: ($15+) NSFW commissions since I need new examples (open,2 slots)

    okay so I'm pretty new here,and I don't have many NSFW examples of my art,so I'd like to be able to get some ^^ I'm kind of shy at showing NSFW art of MY oc's,but I'm completelly ok with drawing other characters,because of that I'll be opening some cheap commissions! I will be opening only 2...
  3. Kyume

    (Commission) Selling: ($50+) Fluffy Dragon commissions are open!

    Hey everyone! I'm open for commissions! I can turn your characters into fluffy dragons (any dragon species). A single character is $60 Here are style examples: My comm options, pricing, and TOS is all in my carrd: https://kyumeart.carrd.co You can contact me on my twitter if you have any...
  4. gargoyleteeth

    (Commission) Selling: ($5+) COMMISSIONS OPEN! Base prices up to$35 for full body!!

    Hello there, I'm Duke and my commissions are open !! Money made from commissions goes towards therapy costs and saving to move out, so I really appreciate the support !! All commission info (tos, prices, examples, etc) can be found on my trello...
  5. taak-os

    (Commission) Selling: (CLOSED, ALL SLOTS CURRENTLY FULL) Taak-os's Commission Thread (Sketch & Flat Color 50% Off, Shaded 25% Off) ($10-$45)

    Digital Commissions are currently CLOSED, sorry! All slots full. WILL DRAW: -Feral/anthropomorphic animals -Full-body or bust shot character pictures -SIMPLE scenes -Blood -Non-sexual ("Barbie doll") nudity (for anthros) WILL NOT DRAW: -Humans -Mechs -Gore (including pastel gore. This means no...
  6. FerAdami Lopes Adami

    Fullbody Commissions Open! (US50 -- US100 price range)

    I'm open to fullbody commissions or characters creations ~ Price range for fullbody commission: US50 up to US100 acourding character details or scenery complexity ~ For character creations my prices are US50 up to US95, acourding character complexity and explorations This kind of piece can be a...
  7. Amadera

    (Commission) Selling: [open] $15-$100 for bust|half|full SFW|NSFW

    Hi guys, my name is Mary and i need feed my cat : D My comissions open alltime and if you want portrait or fullbody, you can write me ♡ I draw almost everything - anime, furry, pony, erotics and couples :3 (but i dont draw porn) And I also know how to do cool effects in the After Effects xD...
  8. RJG

    (Commission) Selling: RJ's Arts

    ALL PRICES YOU SEE HERE ARE NOW HALF OFF!!! COINS=USD I Will be posting all my newer stuff in the comments! DM me if ya'd like, I'm open to draw anything (NSFW included)
  9. EKTOR21

    (Commission) Selling: COMMISSIONS OPEN!

    If you interested on a commission, send me an email: cdfvictor7[at]gmail.com
  10. fhaenart

    Commissions open! Check it out!

    (Pencil) - head/bust shots for 5$ - half body for 7$ - 3/4 body for 10$ - full body for 13$ (Ink) - head/bust shot for 8$ (simple color background +2$) - half body for 13$ (simple color background +4$) - 3/4 body for 16$ (simple color background +5$) - Full body for 18$ (simple color background...
  11. Cerpyn

    Goal shop! | PayPal

    Hello! I'm new to this site (and to drawing furries!) and I want to do some commissions so that I can fullfill my goal! Goal: €0/€500 This goal is set up for a new laptop! My current one is well.. Pretty crappy and old. Do's, dont's & maybies: - I LOVE drawing alien/monster species (such as...
  12. saranwrapham


    I have traditional badge commissions open!! I have 2 sizes, the small ones are $15 and the larger ones are $18! I do global shipping- PayPal only! They come laminated and with a backing!
  13. spookyfoxinc

    £15 Fullbodies For Sale - Quick Turnaround

    hey you guys! i’m selling some fullbody coloured sketches, and was wondering if anyone was interested. sfw only any pose/activity £15/character finished within a week! hmu on furaffinity if that interests you at all!! Userpage of spookyfoxinc -- Fur Affinity [dot] net
  14. fhaenart

    Commissions open! Check it out!

    (Pencil) - head/bust shots for 5$ - half body for 7$ - ¾ body for 10$ - full body for 13$ (Ink) - head/bust shot for 8$ (simple color background +2$) - half body for 13$ (simple color background +4$) - ¾ body for 16$ (simple color background +5$) - Full body for 18$ (simple color background...
  15. Snowflake_theFox

    Commissions are OPEN!! $5 USD and more!!

    :cool: Welcome to my post! :cool: Today, I offer you a long variety of commissions: linearts, headshots, halfbodies, fullbodies, badges, reference sheets, icons and more! You can check my prices HERE ($5 USD and +) I can draw: furries/anthros and ferals. Fanarts or original creations. Just...
  16. PixelShark

    Building a portfolio! Starter sale!

    Hello! Hello! My name is Pixel ~ ^o^ I'm insanely new here, right out of the egg, if you will. What I want to do mainly is get into commissions and building up a good display case of art! And who better to come to than lovelies like yourself? I'm selling commissions for only $5 and $10 right...
  17. JK-madferret

    Cheap Anime Style Commissions Open!

    Hi everyone! I'm open for commissions, I can do both anthro, feral or humans, in both SFW and NSFW themes. The base price range comes from 15 and up to 50 USD without any extras. I'm always trying my best to satisfy my customers, able to provide WIPs any time upon request and finishing my...
  18. tguillot

    Accepting Commissions! ($10-$60)

    Hey everyone! Im posting to let y'all know that my commissions are open! I'll list my prices with my regular graphic here! _______________________________________________________________________ Other examples can be found here: [tumblr] [deviantart] [furaffinity]...