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furry commissions

  1. ShadeofRae

    (Commission) Selling: Shade Of Rae's One Stop Art Shop! (open)

    Hello! And Welcome! My name is Rae you can find my Terms of Service here! I'm a free lance artist looking to expand my client base if you're interested you can DM me on the main FA site or here. (main site is probably better) I offer various forms of commission styles which you can see below...
  2. Trithahn

    (Commission) Selling: ($25+) Icons, Halfs, and Fulls under $40.

  3. umuni

    (Commission) Selling: ($15+) Cutesy / Anime style chibis ( anthro, human, feral ) [4 SLOTS]

    ·˚ ༘₊· ͟͟͞͞꒰➳ CUTESY COMMS FOR YOU ⋆.ೃ࿔*:・ featuring big sparkly eyes, cute pawbs, and a soft shading style to boot! i want to buy some presents for people i love for christmas, and i'd also love to draw for people that want to have something cute for characters they love as well! so this is a...
  4. spookyfoxinc

    (Commission) Selling: Animation Commissions - Open for Anything!

    Hi! Just wanted to post about the fact that I'm taking animation commissions!! These are taken on a quote by quote by basis! You can ask for ANYTHING! Sfw or nsfw, sketched or fully shaded, whatever you're thinking :) Examples: NSFW examples can be found on my fA...
  5. ji0u

    (Commission) Selling: Anthro and Feral Art (USD)

    INDICATIONS - Method is PAYPAL. Preferably USD (EUR also works, regardless but ought be converted to USD equivalent) - Payment always comes first and is only valid through invoicing (Formal process) which ought be sent to you directly by me. - Drawing previews are provided before continuing...
  6. toberrover

    (Commission) Selling: Full Body/Chibi Commissions ❤️ (Price Negotiable)

    Looking for a job post-hospitalization and looking to sell some art in the meantime ❤️ I currently don't have a computer, so I'm working traditional and posting from my phone. I draw anthro and feral so give me what you got (no NSFW/fetishes). No Color: $30 USD Color: $40 USD Colored Chibi: $25...
  7. FerAdami Lopes Adami

    Fullbody Commissions Open! (US50 -- US100 price range)

    I'm open to fullbody commissions or characters creations ~ Price range for fullbody commission: US50 up to US100 acourding character details or scenery complexity ~ For character creations my prices are US50 up to US95, acourding character complexity and explorations This kind of piece can be a...
  8. Octopocalypse

    Commissions open! $15-$40

    Hewwo! I’m opening commissions to help support me and my dreams and such! If you’re interested please shoot me an email right here: micheal.anarchy@gmail.com If you would like to see more examples of my work you can check out my IG that I update sparsely over HERE (contains graphic images of...
  9. TheZigmis

    ♦ New Artist has joined the arena! ♦ [2-20€+]

    Hello there! I was never big on introductions so I will just get to the point. You want some art and I got some to offer~ I have made plenty of samples on my page. Both SFW and NSFW. I don't have any DO's or DON'T's. I am willing to draw anything you're into. - - - Colored - - - Full body -...
  10. spookyfoxinc

    £15 Fullbodies For Sale - Quick Turnaround

    hey you guys! i’m selling some fullbody coloured sketches, and was wondering if anyone was interested. sfw only any pose/activity £15/character finished within a week! hmu on furaffinity if that interests you at all!! Userpage of spookyfoxinc -- Fur Affinity [dot] net
  11. ratpawz

    COMMISSIONS OPEN - I wanna practice drawing furries!

    -UPDATE: my mom is commissioning me to make something for a family member so it is my top priority right now, however you may still ask for a commission and once I get off of vacation the week of 9/16 then I will be able to work again!- hi there! I'm a little new to the furry community, and I...
  12. HypnoGoggles

    $25-$40 Anthro Commissions! [SFW/Mild NSFW]

    Hi! My name is Nic and I'm a 17 year old artist, and I've been drawing for around seven years now. I don't draw "typical" furries and anthros normally, but I'm capable of doing so. I'm primarily a SFW artist, but I can draw very mild NSFW if wanted. Below are my prices, and some further...
  13. BabeRuhx


    Hello!As said in the name, I am selling furry anthro art commissions! Because of my lack of skill (Im still learning) I will only be selling Head Shots and paw art . I also will be doing Landscape/Back ground art. Head Shot: (Normal) 15$ USD (Dutch) Angel Dragon: 25$ Feet/Paw Ref: 5$...
  14. JK-madferret

    Cheap Anime Style Commissions Open!

    Hi everyone! I'm open for commissions, I can do both anthro, feral or humans, in both SFW and NSFW themes. The base price range comes from 15 and up to 50 USD without any extras. I'm always trying my best to satisfy my customers, able to provide WIPs any time upon request and finishing my...
  15. gokusan

    GS' Commissions

    I'm currently open for a few commission slots. 1. OPEN 2. OPEN 3. OPEN Order Form Please fill this out when making a commission request. Username: Your username Type: The type of commission you want. Character Reference: Image or description Extra information: Anything I may need that might...
  16. ColdSoul

    Commission Sale!! Illustrator for hire

    Hello! I am a freelance illustrator and currently have a commission sale on! Commissions now have 30% off! I work with a wide range of media for example pen, graphite and ink to digital so there is much to choose from. As to what subject matter, I can create for is pretty much anything, for...
  17. arurelius

    Various commission types! SFW/NSFW Anthro/Human/Gijinka/OCs accepted!

    Hello all! I'm ★pumb★ ! I would like to offer a variety of commissions! I'm okay with many themes and character types, but if you're unsure you can always ask me by email at arurelius@gmail.com ! Accepted themes: Furry/Anthro, Humans, Ferals, Gijinkas, OCs, etc SFW, NSFW, horror/gore and plenty...
  18. gokusan

    Taking Commissions

    I'm currently taking commissions for the following. Bust/Headshot: $10.00 USD Fullbody Flatcolor: $15.00 USD Fullbody Shaded: $20.00 USD Base price is single character only. Additional characters in same image are +$5.00 each. I can do any species and they may be anthro or feral...
  19. Anomalique

    Commissions by Anomalique

    Hi I'm new to furaffinity and I was wondering if someone was interested in buying my art. So, my commissions are open. You can take a look at the prices here : Click Examples : Here's my account on FA if you want to check others pieces of my art : Click Send me a note on FA if you...