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  1. Freia the arctic fox

    Does Trolls ever bother you?

    We furries are very often targeted by random trolls who will say things like "you do unappropriated things with animals because you are a furry!" Sometimes they will even claim that you have autism because you're a furry. They don't really bother me personally I find them rather entertaining but...
  2. LoLiLaDoozy

    Guess it's introduction time!

    Hey! I'm LoLiLaDoozy! For a while now I always had an interest in anthroart and the many styles of it. I never really embraced it because surprise surprise my school was filled with trash who seemed to follow the same herd and despised anything different. So I suppressed it and ignored the...
  3. Lemlest

    Scotiacon 2018/2019 + Fur Meets

    Hey! I'm not sure how many UK furs we have here, but is anyone going to Scotiacon either this year or next (I know it's a long way off lmao)? I unfortunately can't go this year but I am hopefully going next year and it would be cool to meet up with some people! I know NO furries outside of this...
  4. D

    Any furries in Lodi Northern California?

    Any furries in Northern Lodi, California
  5. Arcturus Maple

    Furry Swears

    Around nine years ago, some guy with a camera made a Harry Potter fan video called Potter Puppet Pals: Wizard Swears. In this video, the characters of the Harry Potter universe explore the differences between the muggle and wizarding worlds through the use of inappropriate language. Ranging from...
  6. G

    living in Saudi Arabia...

    as someone who lives in this country for all of his life and most likely going to stay in it. i've ran into some issues; the biggest one has to be my sexuality. you see i'm gay, and as some of you may or may not know, homosexuality or any form of homoerotic activities are enough to get you...